Category: Industry Updates

Daily Report, Jan 19

Team Collaboration BT Workspace is Hosted SharePoint … BT released a hosted version of Microsoft SharePoint, called BT Workspace. “BT Workspace is web-based, easy to use hosted software that helps groups of people share information, manage projects, and improve customer relationships.” There is a free version (2 people; […]

Daily Report, Jan 17

Team Collaboration Steve on SharePoint Usage … Steve does a sterling job of outlining how he likes to work, and how that maps to how SharePoint wants him to work. His conclusion: “I consider SharePoint a great place to publish but not a great place to work, so […]

Daily Report, Jan 13

Team Collaboration Funding for Presence Networks … Presence Networks received £250,000 of venture financing from The Capital Fund. Presence Networks is a developer of secure instant messaging technologies, and has recently moved from R&D to marketing. It offers a number of free and for-fee offerings. PressZoom, and Presence […]

Daily Report, Jan 11

Team Collaboration Cross Browser Support for SharePoint 2007 … Telerik released r.a.d.editor for SharePoint 2007, a rich text editor for SharePoint 2007 that enables users on non-Microsoft browsers to gain a full-fidelity experience. “This Web-based rich text editor extends the web content authoring environment of Office SharePoint Server […]

Daily Report, Jan 9

Team Collaboration GoogleTalk on Vista … Google announced Vista compatibility for GoogleTalk, its IM client. The new default installation is for a single user, not everyone, as per Vista’s more restrictive security model. GoogleTalk Blog Nick on Wikiflow … Nick’s got some thoughts on Itensil and its wikiflow […]

Daily Report, Jan 8

Team Collaboration Review of Coversant SoapBox 2007 … InfoWorld reviews Coversant SoapBox 2007, an XMPP-based enterprise presence and IM platform. “Yet after a first look, I found that Coversant’s SoapBox Platform 2007 demonstrated better performance, more extensive integration tools, and lower cost than the competition …. What I […]

Daily Report, Jan 6

Team Collaboration Yugma Upgrade … Yugma announced that its online collaboration service has been rebranded from LetsPowwow to Yugma. Includes audio conferencing and screen sharing capabilities. There’s a free version, and graduated levels of for-fee services. Yugma HP and TANDBERG Video Interop … HP and TANDBERG announced an […]

Daily Report, Jan 4

Productivity Murray on Commitment … “Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising […]

Daily Report, Jan 1

Team Collaboration HOV Services DocuTracks 2.0 … HOV Services released Version 2.0 of DocuTracks, its secure online collaborative workspace. Includes document management capabilities, alerts and notifications, auditing (account and data), and security options. Target market is cross-organizational collaborations. Available immediately. MoneyControl Rod on Worksites … Rod things we […]

Daily Report, Dec 27

Team Collaboration Jeff on Group Chat vs. Blogs / Wikis … Jeff captures the essence of group chat vs. blogs and wikis in the enterprise. “In my opinion, a blog is a great medium for publish/subscribe activities and will be used to publish ideas for widespread internal and […]