Achieving Impact


Michael consults to organisations around the world on customer success, organisational transformation, and achieving business impact with new technology. Clients include CxOs, business leaders, line-of-business managers, and project teams.

Key consulting services focus on:
Evaluating the Opportunity for Impact (What’s the problem? What needs to happen?)
Developing Organisational Readiness (What needs to happen to make this zing?)
Driving Effective Use to Achieve Impact (How do we lead people to embrace change and a new level of effectiveness?)

(By the way, Michael does not offer implementation services – as per the orange box above, but his work will both inform and build off this stage.)

Check out:
Michael’s seven books including Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365, Collaboration Roadmap, and User Adoption Strategies.
Reports by Michael including Taking a Strategic Approach to Office 365, Use and Adoption of IBM Connections, and reports on user adoption.
Michael’s blog with key themes including adoption and effective use, culture and competency, and re-imagining effective work.
Workshops facilitated by Michael for exploring a topic with your staff, in order to give a rapid boost toward impact.

Clients around the world have benefitted greatly from working with Michael.

How can Michael help you achieve impact?