Facilitating Impact


The Customer Problem
Customers frequently complain that “We have implemented new tools to help people work and perform better, but no one is using them. Why? And what now?”

This complaint echoes in the corridors of power around the world for new tools including collaboration, customer relationship management, and social business platforms, and specific products including Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365, and IBM Connections (and many others beside).

Providing specific frameworks to enable customers to answer the why? and what now? questions form the foundation of my work.

How We Help
The purpose of my work is facilitating impact for teams and organisations from new approaches to work.

Impact is all about [1] getting business value, [2] achieving a business return, and [3] making a positive difference in the lives of employees.

Facilitating impact is all about:
– Developing clear business thinking on pursuing better ways of working.
– Providing frameworks, tools, and strategies to ensure successful adoption of new ways of working.
– Enabling business leaders, line-of-business managers, and project teams to do great work.