Category: Industry Updates

Daily Report, Feb 2

Team Collaboration Marc’s at DEMO 2007 … Marc’s attending the DEMO 2007 Conference and has a high-level summary of some of the new announcements that have been made during the morning and afternoon sessions. Ephraim noted that a key theme is putting people at the center of emerging […]

Daily Report, Feb 1

Team Collaboration Near-Time Premium … Near-Time Inc. launched Near-Time Premium, a for-fee hosted blog and wiki service for businesses. It includes the option of paid membership options so that blog publishers can monetize their analysis. “Blogs and Wikis have emerged as collaborative platforms for creating content, and for […]

Apple Shoots the iBerry, Jan 31

Just in from the folks at PocketMac: Occasionally a good idea catches on and becomes wildly successful. Our recent release of the PocketMac MacThemes for BlackBerry has been one of those, and we are grateful for so much enthusiasm around this product. The look and feel makes Mac […]

Daily Report, Jan 31

Team Collaboration Coversant’s Scalability Numbers … Coversant, a provider of the SoapBox Platform 2007 for enterprise instant messaging and presence, recently announced the results of its scalability testing: 250,000 concurrent users on a single SoapBox Server on Windows 2003 Server. It doesn’t support clustering yet. “SoapBox Platform 2007 […]

Daily Report, Jan 30

Team Collaboration Peter on Lotusphere 2007 … Peter from The Burton Group shares the first of his high-level summaries from Lotusphere. “With the success of Lotusphere 2007, however, IBM Lotus has started the second chapter, with a product strategy and family that successfully exploit historical strengths such as […]

Daily Report, Jan 26

Team Collaboration Update Pending for Xythos on Demand … Xythos Software is adding new features to Xythos on Demand on January 30, its hosted collaborative content management platform. Those are: simplified roles (viewer and contributor), the ability to add users and non-users to a file, auto-complete typing from […]

Daily Report, Jan 25

Team Collaboration Tasks in Near-Time … Near-Time added task management capabilities to its collaborative team workspace product. “Task management capabities are integrated with Near-Time’s wikis, weblogs and file sharing services. Members can organize tasks by milestone or project. Assignments can be made and tracked for members within a […]

Daily Report, Jan 24

Team Collaboration SiteSapce Forum 8.0 … SiteScape released Version 8.0 of Forum, its web-based collaborative platform for real-time and asynchronous working. New features: blogs and wikis, voice over IP, and updates to the workflow management engine for user control, among others. Available immediately. SiteScape (PDF) or MarketWire New […]

Daily Report, Jan 23

Team Collaboration Lotusphere 2007 Starts … IBM’s annual Lotusphere conference started in Orlando FL, with a set of new and updated software products being announced. For the first time, IBM is also hosting a virtual Lotusphere in Second Life. IBM Lotus Sametime 7.5.1 … Lotus announced a new […]

Daily Report, Jan 20

Team Collaboration Oren on Collaboration Tools … Oren from the University of Washington recently participated in a panel discussion on collaboration tools in higher education. I think we see eye to eye on his major comment herein: “For my part in the presentation, I reiterated some of the […]