Category: Industry Updates

Daily Report, Dec 8

Team Collaboration Adobe Acrobat Connect … Adobe shipped Connect, its online conferencing service that used to be called Macromedia Breeze. “Unlike traditional web conferencing solutions, the Acrobat Connect products enable users to choose a simple and easy-to-remember web address for their online personal meeting room that is unique […]

Daily Report, Dec 7

Team Collaboration Lotus Sametime 7.5 Gateways … IBM released the IBM Lotus Sametime Gateway, for standards-based interoperability with AIM and Google Talk, with support for Yahoo Messenger on its way. IBM also announced support for the XMPP (Jabber) IM protocol. Support for Microsoft LCS is not currently available. […]

Daily Report, Dec 6

Team Collaboration EMC Supports Microsoft Office 2007 … EMC announced that its product portfolio will support the new releases from Microsoft (Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange 2007). Its migration service for Exchange is being extended to cover 2007, it is helping customers get SharePoint 2007 working, and will […]

Daily Report, Dec 4

Team Collaboration Making Online Work Successful … Jon shares some tips for making online collaborations successful. “These can be remembered as the Rule of Two: they are a set of prescriptions that are easy to do, easy to measure, and in our experience will dramatically increase the probability […]

Daily Report, Nov 30

Team Collaboration Embrace Groove; Save 10% on Project Execution … Well-written case study on the embrace of a team collaboration application (Groove, in this case) by Steelcase, and what it’s meant for the business. “Selected because of its simplicity, flexibility, extensibility, low cost, and “human-centric” approach, Groove Virtual […]

Daily Report, Nov 29 (2)

Team Collaboration Novell Exits the Hula … Novell has exited its support of Hula, the open-source messaging, calendaring and collaboration server it sponsored in the beginning. “Novell no longer has anyone working full-time on Hula. As a team we have spent some time looking at where the Hula […]

Daily Report, Nov 29

Team Collaboration Messageware ActiveSend Personal … Messageware offers ActiveSend Personal, which makes it easier to send Office documents via Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access (eg, enables users to click “MailTo” within Office applications when connected via OWA), and also to access Office documents when offsite. Available immediately, at […]

Daily Report, Nov 27

Team Collaboration Avanquest Office Gateway … Avanquest released Office Gateway, a suite of hosted applications for SMEs. “Users instantly have the benefits of webmail, document library, company directory, sharing of calendars, CRM/ invoicing, to do lists, bookmarks, announcements, Skype integration, SMS email text messaging, news feeds, translator, currency […]

Daily Report, Nov 22

Team Collaboration SNAPPS QDoc … SNAPPS, an IBM Business Partner, released QDoc, an enhanced basic template for Lotus QuickPlace (a team collaboration product). “QDoc is free, open-source code developed and maintained by SNAPPS (the official IBM Design Partner for QuickPlace) in cooperation with IBM. Technically speaking, it contains […]

Daily Report, Nov 21

Team Collaboration Zimbra Threat to Microsoft? … Autumn argues that Zimbra is close to its goal of creating an email program to challenge Microsoft Exchange Server. Bill Gates says publicly that he’s not worried by Zimbra. Autumn replies, “Perhaps Microsoft should worry, though, with the rise many other […]