Category: Industry Updates

Weekly Roundup of Everything, Sep 28

Team Collaboration Report Socialtext 2.0 … Socialtext announced the forthcoming upgrade of its enterprise wiki software. Version 2.0 includes a new home page dashboard (which lists “What’s New” (recent changes), watchlist, and your workspaces), a shared whiteboard, a revised user interface, tagging of pages (along with tag suggestions), […]

Weekly Roundup of Everything, Sep 22

The “Weekly Roundup”, Friday edition … Team Collaboration Report GWAVA Reveal 1.5 … GWAVA released Version 1.5 of Reveal, a third-party tool for Novell GroupWise. Enables the investigation of email account usage by authorized executives and administrators, to permit analysis for policy breaches. Available immediately; 30 day free […]

Weekly Roundup of Everything, Sep 18

Team Collaboration Applications Roundup Softalk Update … Softalk released an update of its WorkgroupMail email server software. Features in Version 8.1 include anti-virus, anti-spam, content filtering, auto-archiving of all sent and received email, and multi-domain hosting, among others. Available immediately. Target market is SMB. SourceWire Kudos on Zimbra […]

Weekly Roundup of Everything, Sep 13

Team Collaboration Applications Roundup Steven Shifts to Collanos … Steven Tedjamulia announced that he’s now the VP of Product Management and Strategy at Collanos, a peer-to-peer collaboration software company that supports multiple platforms. Steven was previously the Senior Knowledge Manager at Novell. Steven expects to continue with his […]

Weekly Roundup of Everything, Sep 9

Team Collaboration Applications Roundup Return from Shifting to Email+Word to Blogs for Project Work … Traction Software referenced the benefits a couple of its customers are getting through the adoption of blogs for managing projects. One customer replaced Email and Word documents for document review with a blog, […]

Weekly Roundup of Everything, Aug 29

Team Collaboration Applications Roundup Zoho Projects … Zoho released Zoho Projects, an online project management tool. Key features: tasks and milestones, dashboard view of recent activity, discussion forums, and a calendar, among others. Integration with Zoho Chat is coming. Available immediately. Zoho Blog Google Apps … Google released […]

Weekly Roundup of Everything, Aug 19

Team Collaboration Applications Roundup What Drives Adoption? … Michael Osterman concludes that consumers demanding new capabilities from enterprise IT departments is what gets adoption in organizations, and gives the example of instant messaging and mobile messaging. Network World on Messaging Persistent Group Messaging for Cycle Time Reduction … […]

Team Collaboration Report, Aug 15

Norada Outlines its Development Principles George from Norada outlines the key principles/tenets that are driving the development of the next version of Solve360, its online email, calendaring and contact management application: The Web is the new desktop … people will spend more and more time working in the […]

Team Collaboration Report, Aug 2

Visualizing Time-Based Events Pascal commons on the Timeline project from MIT, for the visualization of time-based events. He is interested in it for his work teaching history … It naturally triggered my curiosity as an Historian and a teacher of History. Contrary to popular beliefs, there is of […]

Team Collaboration Report, Aug 1

GatherPlace.NET for Web Conferencing A couple of weeks back, I had the privilege of giving Chris Brogan a run through Foldera (he’s just posted the podcast we recorded on our second talk). Although I use a Mac as my primary computer, I had set up a GoToMeeting session […]