Category: Industry Updates

Daily Report, Feb 21

Team Collaboration Central Desktop Integrates EditGrid … Central Desktop announced an integration with EditGrid, the online spreadsheet solution. Key capabilities: creating, editing and sharing online spreadsheets, importing and exporting from and to Excel, user permissions for access, chart creation, and more. Available immediately, as part of the standard […]

Daily Report, Feb 20

Team Collaboration Google Docs & Spreadsheets in 12 New Languages … Google released Google Docs & Spreadsheets in 12 additional languages. “The languages we’ve added are: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian and – you guessed it – Polish. If […]

Daily Report, Feb 16

Team Collaboration 123Together Offering SharePoint V3 … 123Together, a web hosting provider, announced that it is now offering SharePoint V3 hosting. Customers can continue with V2.0, or upgrade. Available immediately. WHIR News Remember the Milk on NetVibes … The Remember the Milk team have pulled off another coup […]

Daily Report, Feb 15

Team Collaboration SiteScape OEM to Novell … SiteScape announced an OEM agreement with Novell, for the distribution of SiteScape’s web-based collaboration software. “The new SiteScape software, which will be available in mid-2007, will include real-time meeting capabilities as well as team workspace collaboration tools such as blogs and […]

Daily Report, Feb 14

Team Collaboration Jive Clearspace … Jive Software released Clearspace 1.0, a blog, wiki and discussion forum engine for the enterprise. “Clearspace users can work together using collaborative wiki documents or binary documents (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF documents) that are managed through versioning and workflow. Real-time […]

Daily Report, Feb 12

Team Collaboration Overcoming Email Overload … Mike has written a great three-part series on overcoming email overload. In Part 1, he outlines three commitments: commit to implementing a better system, commit to emptying your inbox daily, and commit to dealing with each message only once. In Part 2, […]

Daily Report, Feb 10

Team Collaboration Collanos German Edition … Collanos Software released its peer-to-peer team collaboration software for its German customers. “Collanos Workplace allows teams to work together over the internet more efficiently, flexibly, and securely. They can access shared information such as contacts, discussions, documents, team calendars, tasks, and projects. […]

Daily Report, Feb 8

Team Collaboration Wikis as Collaboration Tools … NewsFactor reviews four wiki products and their usage in team collaboration situations: Atlassian Confluence, Near-Time, Socialtext, and Traction. The authors shares his likes and dislikes of each product. “After reviewing these four products, they clearly fit in different strata. All have […]

Daily Report, Feb 7

Team Collaboration Product of the Year 2006 Awards at Intranet Journal … Intranet Journal announced the winners in its “Product of the Year” awards for 2006, across six categories: Best Intranet Design Software, Best Hosted Intranet Solution, Best Blogging Software, Best Wiki Software, Best Document Management/Collaboration Product, and […]

Daily Report, Feb 6

Team Collaboration What’s the Desired Outcome? … That question is important even for team projects (duh!). “This is even more pronounced for collaborative projects. Educating and energizing audiences through collaborative projects is an emerging tool for bringing about desired changes in their behavior. These projects can be successful […]