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Daily Report, Jan 19

Team Collaboration

  • BT Workspace is Hosted SharePoint … BT released a hosted version of Microsoft SharePoint, called BT Workspace. “BT Workspace is web-based, easy to use hosted software that helps groups of people share information, manage projects, and improve customer relationships.” There is a free version (2 people; 2 projects), and a for-fee edition. BT Workspace, with coverage at ZDNet UK and IT News Online
  • Interwise and Documentum … Interwise announced that its Interwise Connect web conferencing application is received the “Designed for EMC Documentum” designation. Interwise Connect integrates with both Documentum and eRoom. “Interwise Connect for eRoom adds unlimited, live collaboration capabilities to the EMC Documentum eRoom workspace with real time voice conferencing, Web meetings, virtual classes, Web seminars and video conferencing. It integrates VoIP and traditional telephony so team members can collaborate seamlessly and easily, regardless of their audio device or internet connection. Users can schedule live meetings and create reservationless “Meet Now” sessions directly from the EMC Documentum eRoom workspace environment, share applications and Web pages, collaboratively present and edit documents, teach interactive virtual classes and provide remote desktop application support. All meetings and materials are recordable, can be reused for on-demand applications and be automatically retrieved into the eRoom meeting object.BusinessWire. Interwise Connect for Documentum was also announced a new offering. “Interwise Connect for Documentum allows enterprises to capture, manage and store the live information assets and records produced during voice, Web and video conferences and face-to-face meetings. It supports the trend in enterprise content management (ECM) for capturing and storing the transactional content that comes from applications like e-mail, ERP (SAP/Oracle) and others. It also demonstrates the increasing levels of integration predicted by Gartner, between unified communications technologies such as converged conferencing and collaboration solutions like ECM.
  • Adobe Connect is Out … Adobe announced that its hosted web conferencing service, Adobe Acrobat Connect, is now generally available. Connect is a re-branding of Macromedia’s Breeze conferencing service, which Adobe acquired. “Acrobat Connect provides users with essential collaboration tools, such as screen sharing, whiteboarding, chat, video conferencing, and audio conferencing—all for unlimited usage for up to 15 participants for one low monthly fee.Adobe


  • Picapage for Mobile Search … Picapage released its mobile internet search application, for Windows Mobile 5 and Symbian 9.1 and 9.2 devices. Results are displayed graphically via an icon, with more information in a text part of the screen. Picapage
  • Nokia Webinar on Mobile Devices in the Enterprise … Nokia’s hosting a free webinar entitled “Managing Mobile Devices in the Enterprise: Are You Ready?” on January 25 at 2pm EST. Stephen Drake from IDC is speaking, as well as Denis Sullivan from Nokia. Registration required. Nokia Events
  • Mike Says that Steve Blew It … Mike argues that Steve blew it with the iPhone announcement because he broke Apple’s magic product introduction formula. His reasons: (1) Steve raises the expectations too high, (2) he raises Wall Street expectations too high, (3) he gave competitors a head start, (4) he undermined the Apple TV hype, (5) he put iPod sales at risk, and he (6) wreaked the talks with Cisco. There’s a lively set of comments. ComputerWorld. And Kermit et al over at Gadgetnutz argue that the iPhone is a looming failure at Apple, saying that “I came to the conclusion that Apple’s iPhone is their attempt at putting together a phone, with some rather dated specs (and in many cases even missing a few key features) in what is little more than a nice and shiny package.
  • RIM WhiteBerry Pearl … RIM and T-Mobile USA released a white version of its BlackBerry Pearl. “The white version of the BlackBerry comes with matching accessories such as a charger, headset and USB cable. Customers can also purchase a matching white handset, case, car charger and Bluetooth headset.ZDNet, TechNewsWorld


  • Not To-Do List … Michael’s discovered the power of the Not To-Do List. “Here’s why this is important. As people succeed at work, they attract more and more assignments. It’s like they become a task magnet. “Give it to Laurie. She’ll to a great job!” The problem is that people are a finite resource. I don’t care how good you are, you only have so much energy and so much time. It’s true for me. It’s true for you.” He outlines how we can create one for ourselves. Michael Hyatt
  • New Book: Cut to the Chase … Stuart Levine recently released his book Cut to the Chase: and 99 Other Rules to Liberate Yourself and Gain Back the Gift of Time. Cindy shares the tips she found useful, including “Don’t confuse activity with accomplishment.” Work/Life Balancing Act

Other Stuff

  • Vista Turns Off a Microsoft Fan … Erika at Technology Review is an avowed Microsoft apologist, but after spending a month with Microsoft Vista, is going Mac. “Ironically, playing around with Vista for more than a month has done what years of experience and exhortations from Mac-loving friends could not: it has converted me into a Mac fan.Technology Review
  • … and Since You’re Now Going to Buy a Mac: Office 2008 … Teezeh has some screenshots of the forthcoming Mac Office 2008 from Microsoft. Flickr (hat tip, Volker)
  • Drink More Water … David’s experienced its healing powers first hand. David Seah

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