Daily Report, Jan 1

Team Collaboration

  • HOV Services DocuTracks 2.0HOV Services released Version 2.0 of DocuTracks, its secure online collaborative workspace. Includes document management capabilities, alerts and notifications, auditing (account and data), and security options. Target market is cross-organizational collaborations. Available immediately. MoneyControl
  • Rod on Worksites … Rod things we should call collaborative workspaces “worksites”. He’s got a list of 6 reasons why worksites are a good thing. He and I are debating on the first three (at least initially), but it looks like he wants out. FASTForward Blog
  • Virtual Workers at Law Firm … Enrico outlines how his law firm engages with virtual workers as a business strategy, as well as the technology they use to make it work. Legal Technology
  • David on Collaboration in 2007 … David outlines his 10 predictions for 2007. #9 is “Online collaborative services will go mainstream following a terrorist threat or incident which significantly disrupts travel and makes work-at-home and remote meeting capabilities a must-have for uninterrupted business continuity.David Churbuck
  • Notes 7.0.2 for Mac … IBM released Version 7.0.2 of Lotus Notes for the Mac. CRN


  • 1 Month Resolutions … Joe suggests that instead of making “new year resolutions” to go for “1-month resolutions”. “The good news, with 31 days as the finishing line, your energy becomes more focused, and you believe, “I can do this!” The great news, after 31 days your new habits have become firmly cemented blocks in your usual mode of operations. Start with 31 days, acknowledge your growth and go from there. You may find yourself reading this again next month or perhaps next year.” I like. Our Thinking
  • Have More Fun, Be More Productive … Mark is looking for feedback on this theory that “There is a direct relationship between your maximum creative output and the amount and quality of time you spend doing non-work activities.Productive Strategies

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