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Daily Report, Jan 17

Team Collaboration

  • Steve on SharePoint Usage … Steve does a sterling job of outlining how he likes to work, and how that maps to how SharePoint wants him to work. His conclusion: “I consider SharePoint a great place to publish but not a great place to work, so here are a few details of how I breakdown working with files and publishing them.Steve Richards
  • Lucid8 on e-discovery … Lucid8 will release DigiScope, an e-discovery tool for Microsoft Exchange Server in February. “DigiScope offers the ability to copy, search and recover individual mailboxes, messages, folders, attachments and other e-mail elements from unmounted, offline information databases and from existing Microsoft Exchange Server backups.” Works with Lucid8’s other tools, or standalone. Connect IT News
  • FoxT Secure Messaging Server … FoxT released a new version of its Secure Messaging Server, for encryption of outbound email. Includes a number of new features, including full PGP/MIME support. FoxT



  • Beating Procrastination … Three reasons we procrastinate: (1) we doubt our ability to perform, (2) we don’t find the work attractive, (3) the reward is too far away. Ideas to beat procrastination: (1) re-design the workplace to eliminate distractions, (2) check email on your own terms, not automatically every 5 minutes, (3) break longer term projects into smaller tasks, (4) match the work to be done with the energy required to do it, and more. Connect IT News. These results are from an academic study out of the University of Calgary; note that the author maintains a web site with articles and a discussion board.
  • Productive Email Habits … Marsha Egan’s coaching on productive email usage: (1) don’t hoard items in the inbox, (2) turn off automatic notification, (3) don’t CC: or BCC: others unless it is vital, and more. Connect IT News. Marsha’s firm offers a teleseminar on email productivity to help clients overwhelmed by email.
  • Beware Hype’s Power to Hypnotize … “Being hyped and dazzled breeds only one thing in managers: being hypnotized. Someone who’s hypnotized just does whatever they’re told to do …. The bottom line is that we should never let go of our way of measuring opportunities and changes by blindly adopting the newest thing every time it comes out.ManagersRealm
  • “5 GTD Systems I Gave Up On” … Punkey discusses 5 systems he’s used for doing David Allen’s Getting Things Done, and why he has not continued with them. What’s the Next Action
  • “What If …” … Seek the possibilities and opportunities in your life … take the positive view, not the negative one. Our Thinking

Other Stuff

  • 5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog … Jeff shares five ideas on how to make money from your business-oriented blog. Connect IT News
  • The Problem with Billing by the Hour … Workaholism … too much time devote to for-fee stuff, and not enough to family, friends and leisure. Bob Sutton. One approach is to ask Matt’s question … “Ask your clients what they are buying from you. If they answer “time,” then by all means continue to sell it. If they answer something else (and it will be something else), learn to sell that instead.” (hat tip, Chief Innovation Officer)

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