Category: Industry Updates

Daily Report, Nov 18

Team Collaboration Stikkit for Collaborative Post-It Notes … Stikkit, a web service, introduced its sticky note service. “As you type, Stikkit watches for appointments, to-dos, people, bookmarks and more, magically extracting and organizing the important details. It’s like having a personal assistant following along after you. Involve the […]

Daily Report, Nov 17

Team Collaboration Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server 7.2 … Adobe released Version 7.2 of LiveCycle Policy Server, its digital rights management play for the enterprise. Enables organizations to control access to and usage of digital information regardless of where it is physically stored. It is available for deployment within […]

Daily Report, Nov 16

Team Collaboration PlanHQ … PlanHQ, a lightweight collaborative business planning tool, came out of stealth mode. “We’ve been involved in a lot of startups and growing businesses, all of which have had one thing in common: A business plan that was written by one person, became immediately out […]

Daily Report, Nov 15

Team Collaboration IT as Barrier to Innovation … Eric argues that “In the mid-1990s, the IT department was often a partner or a leader in innovative activities; it provided active support to help the rest of the company accomplish its innovation goals. IT was clearly an innovation enabler. […]

Daily Report, Nov 14

Team Collaboration TeamDirection Project 2007 … TeamDirection updated its TeamDirection Project offering, which offers integration with Groove v3.0 and earlier, and now Groove 2007 and SharePoint 2003 and 2007. “We believe our value add is for project managers to use TeamDirection to publish task from MS Project (or […]

Daily Report, Nov 11

Team Collaboration Zimbra Offline-Online Sync … Zimbra added offline synchronization capabilities to its messaging and collaboration system. “Using the same AJAX client UI users will be able to compose, delete, move, search, tag, organize their messages and edit their contact and event information in offline mode and later […]

Daily Report, Nov 9

Team Collaboration SharePoint is a “Must-Have” … Jim at Microsoft Watch writes that “Listed ostensibly as a component of Office, SharePoint is actually much more. You can make a very good argument that SharePoint is now the core platform on which almost all Microsoft-based web, SOA, BPM, ecommerce, […]

Daily Report, Nov 8

Team Collaboration Hurray! TimeBridge Launched! … TimeBridge has finally launched its cross-organizational free-busy calendaring service. Yori did the public launch at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco today … “TimeBridge has built a Personal Scheduling Manager that works across companies, time zones and calendaring systems. It is […]

Daily Report, Nov 3

Team Collaboration David on Email … Listen to David Allen and Merlin Mann discuss email. Is email itself broken and overloaded, or are people just not doing email right? If so, how does one become productive and effective with email? 43Folders Michael on Messaging … Michael opines on […]

Daily Report, Nov 2

Team Collaboration Yon Software MeetingSense … Yon Software released MeetingSense, a meeting management software tool. “Yon Software’s MeetingSense works directly with Microsoft Outlook and other widely-used technologies to enhance meeting preparation, execution and control. During a meeting, MeetingSense is used to capture all of the essential information exchanged, […]