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Daily Report, Jan 6

Team Collaboration

  • Yugma Upgrade … Yugma announced that its online collaboration service has been rebranded from LetsPowwow to Yugma. Includes audio conferencing and screen sharing capabilities. There’s a free version, and graduated levels of for-fee services. Yugma
  • HP and TANDBERG Video Interop … HP and TANDBERG announced an interoperability agreement, for linkages between the HP Halo and TANDBERG video conferencing systems. “Users of TANDBERG video solutions will have the opportunity to experience significant quality improvements and, at the same time, users of HP Halo Studios will be able to extend their communications links to TANDBERG systems worldwide.HP (hat tip, CollaborationLoop)
  • Benefits of MindAlign … Jeff from Parlano writes up some of the comments he’s hearing from MindAlign customers about the benefits of MindAlign on communication. “Our lives are so inundated with information, both sharing and receiving, that in many organizations knowledge is lost because unless it is both immediately important and urgent, it is not worth people’s time and effort to disseminate it. Stephen Covey describes this as working in “Quadrant I” — If it doesn’t have to get done now (important and urgent), it often gets lost. Stephen Covey argues that to be effective we need to also focus on “Quadrant II”—important but not urgent tasks and information. What our customers tell us is that persistent group chat is effective because it allows people to do both. It clearly handles real-time urgent/important tasks well, but it also makes it incredibly easy for people to categorize, share, and consume information as a group—the result is that Quadrant II information (important but not necessarily urgent) is shared more often and more broadly, and people throughout the organization can more easily turn that information into opportunities.Jeff’s Zone 2
  • DesignShare 2.0 … Actify released Version 2.0 of DesignShare, its product collaboration solution built on top of Microsoft SharePoint. “DesignShare makes it easy to locate and organize project information in whatever way, using a data structure similar to your organization. Actify’s system neutral .3D files are now centralized and automatically published in DesignShare, and the Viewer, Browser, and Uploader webparts give users the ability to view, measure, and mark up 2D and 3D data directly within SharePoint. DesignShare provides a secure environment in which to share and manage all relevant documents, not just .3D. Users also have the ability to control all relevant project information by managing access to product information including 2D and 3D data, document ownership, associations, and can ensure that all data is versioned.” Available immediately. MarketWire


  • New BlackBerry? … Looks like RIM is preparing to release a BlackBerry Pearl with a full QWERTY keyboard.
  • Fabric Keyboard for PDAs … Mobis Technology released a 100% fabric keyboard for use with PDAs and smartphones. It connects via Bluetooth. Mobis
  • Whitepaper on Secure Wireless Email … iAnywhere is offering a free whitepaper on IT considerations for secure wireless email. Registration is required. iAnywhere
  • Bluetooth Patent Infringement … The Washington Research Foundation (part of the University of Washington) has sued Nokia, Samsung and Panasonic for patent violations in Bluetooth technology. ComputerWorld


  • Ian Quotes Mark … “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.Ian’s Messy Desk

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