Category: Industry Updates

Daily Report, Nov 1

Team Collaboration Google Acquired JotSpot … Google acquired JotSpot, the application wiki company. Existing customers can keep going with Jot while it is migrated, but until that process is complete, no new customers are being accepted. And the service will be free from now on, although customers on […]

Daily Report, Oct 31

Team Collaboration What’s Up with Foldera? … Interview with Richard Lusk, the CEO of Foldera, on the current state of play over there. Foldera is working toward its next beta release in November, and a public release in 1Q2007. Please note that Foldera is my employer. v1 at […]

Daily Report, Oct 28

Mobility Cisco Buys Orative … Cisco Systems acquired Orative, a privately-held mobile telephony software company for $31 million. Orative’s capabilities will be added to Cisco’s unified communications portfolio. “Orative is currently a Cisco technology partner, and it has already developed software that works with Cisco’s unified communications platforms, […]

Daily Report, Oct 27

Team Collaboration Zimbra Hits 4 million … Zimbra announced that it has surpassed 4 million users on the paid edition of its email, calendaring and document collaboration system. “Additionally, millions of more users have implemented the Zimbra open source edition and there are more than 4,500 developers and […]

Daily Report, Oct 26

Team Collaboration Verizon and Cisco on Video Collaboration … Verizon announced its intention to undertake technology and client tests for Cisco’s new high-definition video conferencing system that works over IP networks. “The solution — available in two versions for large and small meetings — combines the industry’s first […]

Daily Report, Oct 25

Team Collaboration Collaborate vs. Not … Ann shares four reasons why “people don’t collaborate”, although the article is seriously mis-titled and should have been called “why people don’t embrace collabration technology”. One finding from the academic literature is that the greatest return comes when the focus is on […]

Daily Report, Oct 21

Team Collaboration Jive Software Interview … The Intranet Journal interviewed Matt Tucker from Jive Software, the makers of forum software and a new open source enterprise IM offering. Discussion points: Jive history, Jive vs. SharePoint, Office 2.0 / Web 2.0, and Jive’s new IM offerings. Intranet Journal SpringCM […]

Weekly Roundup of Everything, Oct 17

Team Collaboration Report Reports from the Office 2.0 Conference … I am gutted that I couldn’t be at the Office 2.0 conference in San Francisco last week, but have enjoyed reading the coverage others have written. Computer Business Review, Marc Orchant and Dan Farber. From Charlie Wood … […]

Weekly Roundup of Everything, Oct 9

Team Collaboration Report SlideShare for Sharing Slide Decks … SlideShare released a beta of its slide deck sharing service, which does for PowerPoint and other slide decks what YouTube does for videos. You have to apply for a beta account. Steve Castledine Vyew for Free Conferencing … Vyew […]

Weekly Roundup of Everything, Oct 3

Team Collaboration Report CalConnect on Federated Free/Busy … CalConnect’s Roundtable meeting was hosted by Apple in Cupertino last week; federated free/busy was one of the topics discussed. The idea of free-busy aggregation is that it solves the difficult problem of seeing when people have free time in common, […]