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Daily Report, Dec 27

Team Collaboration

  • Jeff on Group Chat vs. Blogs / Wikis … Jeff captures the essence of group chat vs. blogs and wikis in the enterprise. “In my opinion, a blog is a great medium for publish/subscribe activities and will be used to publish ideas for widespread internal and external consumption. Wikis are a collaborative work environment that will enable groups to jointly work on a deliverable (a document, knowledgebase, etc.). But, neither in my opinion are great “conversation” tools. True, the blogoshepere is enabling a global conversation like never before, but these are conversations with a capital “C”. The blogger posts an opinion, others comment, other blogs get written and linked back, etc. This is a great “conversation” to follow if you have a lot of time, but it does not substitute for the real-time and persistent nature of conversations in the enterprise, nor the need for users to participate quickly and easily.Jeff’s Zone 2
  • CTSpace Raises $5.3 Million … CTSpace, the new entity as a result of the merger of BuildOnline and Citadon, announced the raising of $5.3 million in venture capital. Intended use is expansion in sales, marketing and international operations. MarketWire


  • Long-Term Outlook … Gary reflects on some of the principles followed by Warren Buffett to cultivate a long-term outlook amongst his managers and shareholders. “Buffett wants these pressures off his managers and that way of doing things. He wants managers that will manage in that light, and look out years ahead to see where they want the company to be. When you stay on purpose, it’s not that difficult to do. This is why his companies and managers can bring forth such predictable results year-after-year.ManagersRealm
  • Live Simple … John offers an eBook on living simply. Sections include “Your Life”, “Your Stuff”, “Your Home”, “Your Routine”, and more. It’s also available on the Web as simple pages. I’ve got to read this one … John December
  • Drucker on Tasks vs. Time … “Effective knowledge workers, in my observation, do not start with their tasks. They start with their time. And they do not start out with planning. They start by finding out where their time actually goes. Then they attempt to manage their time and to cut back unproductive demands on their time.David Allen Public Forums
  • Feeling Unproductive? … *Do* something different with your body. Kathy Sierra

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