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Tuesday's Team Collaboration Report

Telstra Launches Web Contact Centre Telstra, the phone company in Australia, is working on Web Contact Centre, a communication and collaboration platform for distributed teams. The service integrates email, instant messaging, presence, voice calling, and video conferencing. Incorporates technology from Microsoft (Communicator) and Siemens (Live Connect). Target release […]

A whole lot of stuff to share

On Productivity Lars on Google Ads Inside … Lars offers an interesting idea re Google ads: how about contextual ads within the corporate intranet. These “ads” could show links to relevant knowledge and services available within the organization. The resulting serendipity would play very nicely with my ideas […]

Attention Grabbers, Apr 27

On Businesss Avoid “Best in Class” … Go for one of the three ways of creating attractive returns: (1) differentiation (customer prefers your offer over that of the competition), (2) neutralization (make your competitor’s current competitive advantage meaningless), and (3) productivity (achieve same outcomes with fewer resources). Geoff […]

Attention Grabbers, Apr 19

On Writing and Speaking 4 Tips to Successful Notetaking … Four tips from an April 2005 post … (1) use a journal-formatted notebook, (2) keeping your meeting notes as a running journal, (3) use symbols so you can quickly scan your notes later, and (4) schedule time to […]