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Daily Report, Jan 9

Team Collaboration

  • GoogleTalk on Vista … Google announced Vista compatibility for GoogleTalk, its IM client. The new default installation is for a single user, not everyone, as per Vista’s more restrictive security model. GoogleTalk Blog
  • Nick on Wikiflow … Nick’s got some thoughts on Itensil and its wikiflow idea. Whilst he sees some pluses already, he encourages the developers to ensure they can integrate with the wider world. “As I see it, if wikiflows are to take off in any large scale, enterprise way they are going to have to adapt themselves to the daily way in which we work, and not require workers to re-learn yet another application. Otherwise, wikiflow applications will find niche markets, until the large desktop vendors embed this type of solution in their own applications.Nick Fera
  • Frost & Sullivan on Online Collaboration Market … Web conferencing to reduce its portion of the pie, even as the pie gets bigger. “Currently, Web conferencing contributes a significant portion of these revenues [$682.7 million in 2005; forecasted growth to $2.64 billion in 2010]. However, this is likely to change over the forecast period, as synchronous or real-time and asynchronous collaboration service technology increasingly merge due to the growing need for tools such as shared virtual workspaces and online collaborative authoring of documents.XTVWorld
  • GyazMail 1.5 … Version 1.5 of GyazMail was released, with support for IMAP accounts. For Mac OS X only. GyazMail
  • CentralDesktop Integration with … CentralDesktop announced an integration between its collaboration service and via AppExchange. “Central Desktop brings wiki technology to customers in a structured, permission-based environment that is easily adaptable to a company’s specific business needs. Central Desktop for AppExchange provides a professional user-experience when collaborating with customers and partners by allowing Salesforce users to invite their customers into a private, invitation-only extranet that can be entirely customized to the company’s corporate themes and colors.CentralDesktop
  • Hosted SharePoint 2007 from GroupSpark … GroupSpark, a Microsoft hosting partner, announced the availability of a hosted edition of SharePoint 2007. ComputerWorld


  • 1.2% of Business Email Mobilized … 8 million of 650 million business email users have mobile access to their email. Nick considers why: (1) lack of desire to be connected; (2) lack of need; (3) mobilizing email, with all its warts, isn’t what people want. He does see a great future for mobilized group chat/IM, however (but note that he is the CEO of Parlano). Rock on! Nick Fera
  • Mark/Space for BlackBerry … Mark/Space announced The Missing Sync for BlackBerry, its synchronization software for Macs and mobile devices. “The Missing Sync for BlackBerry will synchronize information between Mac OS X’s Address Book and iCal applications and the corresponding applications on BlackBerry handsets. Built-in support for Apple’s Sync Services technology means that information can also be synchronized with other Sync Services-savvy applications, including Microsoft Entourage 2004 and Chronos’ SOHO Organizer. Memos will sync with the included Mark/Space Notebook application, or alternatively with Microsoft Entourage or Bare Bones Software’s Yojimbo.” Due 1Q2007. MarketWire
  • Motorola and NewsGator … Motorola announced an agreement with NewsGator for the mobilization of RSS content for mobile workers. This means that mobile workers connected via a Motorola Good Technology infrastructure with the right end-user device will be able to read RSS content while out-and-about. First iteration is available immediately. NewsGator


  • 5 Priorities for 2007 … “Bah humbug” says David. Choose more carefully. Ipswitch Blog
  • Do all Three … What’s needed to make your dreams come true? Is it (a) a positive vibe, (b) getting into action, or (c) adopting systems? Lisa says “do all three”. 2Weeks2aBreakthrough
  • Matt is Committed … Matt’s decided to leave his full-time job and put his full effort into personal workflow coaching. If you’re in the Northeast of the US and need some help, look him up! Matt’s Idea Blog
  • Be Careful What You Eat … Junk food vs. healthy? Alexander reports on what happened to reaction times in a controlled study on truck drivers. Positive Sharing

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