Sam Marshall on Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365

Sam from Clearbox Consulting recently posted his comments on my Office 365 book on CMSWire:

Sampson …. has managed to steer a line that shows deep technology understanding without losing sight of why companies acquire these technologies in the first place.
I really like the “opportunities” approach. Countless blogs and articles on Office 365 tend to focus on specific tool capabilities or are written for an IT audience. Sampson’s book therefore fills a much-needed gap because it looks at how the tools might be used together, and the trade-off between using one tool or another when features overlap.

Sam offers some good ideas for improving the book too, specifically the layout format I chose didn’t work great for him, and how to deal in a book like this with the firehose of updates that comes from Microsoft. The first I won’t do like that again, and the second is … complicated.

See: ‘Re-Imagining Productive Work’ Offers Practical Office 365 Advise.

Thanks Sam!

User Adoption Strategies (2nd Edition): Now Available as Digital Book


My book on user adoption strategies is finally available as a digital book. You don’t have to wait for your copy to wing its way across the world any longer – just pay, download, and get stuck into reading. And then into applying the ideas / strategies / concepts in your work (which of course was the point in writing the book in the first place).

The digital book is US$19, compared to the previous price of US$49 for the printed book (with the majority of the difference the cost of postage).

Table of Contents
Foreword – by Nancy White (Full Circle Associates)
Chapter 1. Focusing on User Adoption is Critical
Chapter 2. The Context for User Adoption Strategies
Chapter 3. What We Know About Change
Chapter 4. New Ways of Working
Chapter 5. The Four Stages Model of User Adoption
Chapter 6. Winning Attention
Chapter 7. Cultivating Basic Concepts
Chapter 8. Enlivening Applicability
Chapter 9. Making It Real
Chapter 10. Crafting Your User Adoption Approach
Chapter 11. Measuring and Evaluating User Adoption
Chapter 12. User Adoption for Advocates of the Old Way
Chapter 13. Final Thoughts

Look Inside the Book
To check out the book, download the Look Inside extract. It is 38-pages in length and contains:
Introduction to the Book
Foreword – by Nancy White (Full Circle Associates)
Chapter 1. Focusing on User Adoption is Critical
Chapter 4. New Ways of Working

Diane Moore on Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365

Diane from Peritia attended the Digital Workplace Conference in New Zealand a couple of months ago. She shared some notes from the event, and also featured my new book as recommended reading (that’s cool!). Here’s what Diane had to say about the book:

Michael shifts the traditional focus “applications and what they can do” toward identifying how an appropriate implementation of Office 365 can improve productivity and performance in eight key areas.

We like Michael’s customer centric approach and his open advocacy for clear thinking, good decision making, creating business value and ensuring the effective use of technologies and capabilities.

The approach presented in the book provides a powerful framework for creating mutual understanding and implementing new technologies that will be useful beyond the boundaries of Office 365.

See: Recommended Reading: Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365.

Thanks Diane!

Robert McKay Jones on Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365


In his September newsletter, Robert McKay Jones included a comment about my new book:

Staying on top of the major software applications in your day-to-day life is an unrealistic goal. But making it productive for you is attainable. In the coming months, we will be highlighting a new book by Michael Sampson, Re-Imagining Productive Work with Microsoft Office 365.

This book, more than any I have read, provides a practical approach to using Office 365.

Thanks Robert! That means a lot.

See Robert’s comments on the book in general and Chapter 10 specifically in the September newsletter. Actually, as I’ve mentioned to a few people, Chapter 10 is my favourite chapter in the book – so it was interesting to me that Robert picked that for his initial comment.

To receive future copies of Robert’s monthly newsletter (which I have received for a long time), sign up on the TRIF web site.

Martin White on Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365


Martin White from Intranet Focus recently posted his review comments on my new book. His closing paragraph is:

Above all this book will make you think about what the core working patterns are in your organisation. Without this understanding any digital platform will fail to support productive work. Sometimes you may even have to change the working patterns to get the best from the technology so that overall the organisation benefits from the investment. You will certainly benefit from investing in this book.

See Martin’s full review: Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365

While in London a fortnight ago I was able to catch up again with Martin in person – we talked about our respective work streams, balancing family commitments, and other matters. It has been a privilege to meet many people “over the Internet” through my work, and it’s always very cool when that translates to meeting in the real world too. My thanks to Martin specifically for his blog post above and more generally for his support of my work over the years.

Susan Hanley on Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365

Susan Hanley posted her review comments on my new book:

Michael Sampson’s latest book, Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365, is a “must read” if you are currently using or planning to use Office 365. Michael is a brilliant author and approaches his overview of Office 365 not from the perspective of the individual technology elements, but from the perspective of the activities that “information workers” do every day.

Susan comments on one of her favourite chapters too – co-authoring documents. She seems to like the tables I included in the book; good job too, since it took a bit of puzzling to figure those out.

Thanks Sue!

Read Susan’s full review: For Your Reading List: Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365 by Michael Sampson, and if you haven’t got your copy yet, see Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365.

Reader Feedback on Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365

While a couple of the readers of my new book have posted their responses publicly (thanks again Stuart and Volker – anyone else, please accept this an invitation to do likewise!), others have written to me privately. Two of my favourite comments so far are:

Great stuff! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!!

… reading through it now and it looks really interesting, makes me realise there is more to Office 365 than just the latest version of Excel, etc.

Comments like these are very gratifying. I wanted the book to do a particular thing for my readers and clients – and knowing something of the back story for the first commenter makes me pump my fist in celebration, and for the second, to be delighted that I could help him lift his vision for what Office 365 can do.

Have you got your copy yet?

Volker on the New Book

Volker Weber posted his review comments on my new book:

I have been reading Michael Sampson’s new book “Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365” for a day now, and I will make this easy for you: if you are dealing with Office 365 in any capacity, whether as a competitor, as a future or current Microsoft customer, as a business user or IT professional, then buy this book immediately ….

I like his style. It’s almost scientific in that he backs up his assertions with findings from research and case studies. You can take a look if you are still not convinced.

Nice. Thanks Volker.

Read the full review: Michael Sampson: Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365

Ruven’s Foreword for Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365


One of the many decisions to make when writing a book is who to ask to write the Foreword. I had a few ideas in my head as I was preparing Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365, but one name was consistently on the list: Ruven Gotz.

I first met Ruven virtually through Paul Culmsee back in late 2010; Paul had lined up quite the group of SharePoint business activists around the world, and Ruven was in the inner circle. We first met in person at the SHARE 2011 conference in Sydney, where Ruven was keynoting and I was delivering a post conference workshop on User Adoption Strategies. So many common interests; so many shared viewpoints on what was required to make SharePoint a business success for organisations.

Fast forward a few years and Ruven was the only person I actually asked to write the Foreword for this book, and despite his crazy-busy schedule in New York he agreed – for which I was very grateful.

Here’s what he wrote … Ruven’s Foreword.

(Thanks Ruven!)

Stuart on the New Book

Many thanks to Stuart McIntyre for posting his review comments on my new book:

I got a lot of value from the book, particularly in terms of understanding how the newer aspects of the Office solution, Delve and Graph, fit in to the picture. As ever, Michael is fiercely independent in his approach, and is willing to discuss the issues and hurdles, as well as the benefits of the Office 365 solution, plus a number of “wouldn’t it be cool if” suggestions for future development. I also really appreciated the focus on the behavioural aspects of each use case, as well as the performance improvements that might result from correct deployment and adoption.

Summing up, I believe that this is a guide that is much needed for those considering deploying Office 365 across their organisation.

Read the rest of what Stuart had to say: A new book from Michael Sampson: Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365

(Stuart’s use of the phrase “fiercely independent” made me smile. In my planning notes on professional values I have the phrase “fiercely independent, relentless optimistic.” I’m pleased to see it coming through.)