Category: Industry Updates

Daily Report, Apr 2

Team Collaboration Enterprise 2.0 = Evolutionary … A voice of reason in the Enterprise 2.0 “is revolutionary” debate … thanks Carl. “The powers of online collaboration, new approaches to search and content intelligence are powerful. But their powers are evolutionary, not revolutionary. Furthermore, they do not change most […]

Daily Report, Mar 29

News Roundup Collaboration and Mobility The Gilbane Group is hosting a conference on April 10-12 in San Francisco focused on enterprise content management and Web 2.0 technologies. There’s also a vendor exhibition. BusinessWire Irwin thinks though the idea of using Second Life for business collaboration initiatives. “Within the […]

Daily Report, Mar 27

Challenges on the Road to Exchange 2007 Analysts are asking questions about the road that organizations must tread in order to adopt Exchange 2007. Options include: 0. paying the price and upgrading regardless of pain, cost and frustration (for hopefully achieving the dream at the end) 1. migrating […]

Daily Report, Mar 23

Team Collaboration Collaboration Tools for Lawyers … Congratulations to Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell on a book contract with the American Bar Association focused on collaboration technologies for lawyers. “The book will provide intensely practical advice for lawyers and law firms wanting to take better advantage of these […]

Daily Report, Mar 21

Team Collaboration CalConnect Roundtable … The next CalConnect Interoperability Test Event is on May 7-9 in Seattle WA at The Boeing Company. CalConnect Interwoven Update … Interwoven released a new version of its Collaborative Document Management offering, with new search capabilities, a new user interface, better integration with […]

Daily Report, Mar 20

Team Collaboration More on Cisco Buying WebEx … More analysis points on the WebEx acquisition by Cisco: “Enterprise Customers Wanted This” … “In buying WebEx, Cisco says it’s just following the trends set by its enterprise customers. Collaboration is becoming a big deal in business communications, so Cisco […]

Daily Report, Mar 16

Team Collaboration Cisco Buys WebEx for $3.2 B … Wow, Cisco bit the bullet and announced the acquisition of WebEx for $3.2 billion in cash. “Cisco believes the network is a platform for all forms of communications and collaboration, and WebEx’s technology and services portfolio complement Cisco’s leadership […]

Daily Report, Mar 14

Team Collaboration Microsoft Links Dynamics and SharePoint … Microsoft announced an integration option linking its Dynamics ERP solution with Microsoft Office and SharePoint, enabling users of Office and SharePoint to access data and reports in the Dynamics engine. “This new package, Microsoft Dynamics Client for Microsoft Office and […]

Daily Report, Mar 13

Team Collaboration Case Study: Project Blog … Bill discusses the use of a project blog for a hospital advisory panel, and the benefits experienced by the group during the 8 months of using the blog. “Panel members could now search the archive to find recurring themes, as well […]

Daily Report, Mar 12

Team Collaboration Notes and Domino 8 Beta … The public beta of Notes and Domino 8 is available. “There’s a lot to check out about the beta. Developers are going to want to dig into the composite applications model. Admins are going to be excited about provisioning. End-users […]