From 2006 to 2020, I worked via The Michael Sampson Company Limited.

My domain of interest was how people and teams can embrace changing conditions to pursue transformation, with a focus on new technologies that supported rethinking work practices, organisational design, culture and business models.

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The high-level themes that flowed from the above domain of interest are:

The Practice of Collaboration

  • Fundamental principles of collaboration, effective teams, and organisational culture.
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Reimagining Effective Work


  • Creating the conditions for getting nothing done.
  • There are some really dumb ideas floating around that should be avoided if you actually want to be productive – and it’s pretty helpful to know why they are dumb and to-be-avoided.
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Effective Use of New Technology

  • User adoption, effective use, group reformation, and organisational improvement.
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Safeguarding Productivity

  • Stopping the bad guys from ruining just about everything.
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Roadmap and Strategy for Collaboration Tools

  • Embracing a business-led approach to the use and introduction of collaboration tools into organisations. Scenarios, strategy, governance, user adoption, etc.
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