I have a long-term interest in the messy intersections between technology, people, teams and organisations. The confluence of these intersections have played out through my books, workshops, keynotes and client advisory engagements. Please check out the services I offer.

Below are the five current themes in percolation and exploration mode.

The Practice of Collaboration
– Fundamental Principles, Effective Teams, and Organisational Culture.
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Redesigning Work
– Re-Imagining, Re-Conceptualising and Re-Configuring How We Can Work Better Today.
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– Creating the Conditions for Getting Nothing Done.
There are some really dumb ideas floating around that should be avoided if you actually want to be productive – and it’s pretty helpful to know why they are dumb and to-be-avoided.
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Effective Use of New Technology
– User Adoption, Group Reformation, Organisational Improvement.
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Safeguarding Productivity
– Stopping the Bad Guys From Ruining Just About Everything.
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Previous Themes of Interest
There have been other themes too, and while I maintain an interest in these, they are currently less top-of-mind:

  • Roadmap and Strategy for Collaboration Tools
    • Embracing a business-led approach to the use and introduction of collaboration tools into organisations. Scenarios, strategy, governance, user adoption, etc.
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  • Microsoft SharePoint for Business
    • Moving beyond infatuation with the technology of SharePoint to how to make it work in a business context. Strategy, governance, business engagement, user adoption, business value, etc.
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