Category: Industry Updates

Daily Report, Dec 22

Team Collaboration Enterprise 2.0 in 2006 … Dion writes up what happened to Enterprise 2.0 in 2006. He is looking for feedback on what’s coming next year. Dion Hinchcliffe Remote Work at Microsoft … Jon’s joined Microsoft, and is pondering how it will work with him working remotely […]

Daily Report, Dec 21

Team Collaboration Meeting Maker 8.6 … PeopleCube released Version 8.6 of Meeting Maker, its calendaring and scheduling software. “This new release complies with revised dates of Daylight Saving Time (DST) as outlined in the U.S. Energy Policy Act of 2005. By issuing this release, meetings scheduled in Meeting […]

Daily Report, Dec 20

Team Collaboration Informative Graphics Net-It Central 7.0 … Informative Graphics released Version 7.0 of Net-It Central, a solution for document sharing. “Net-It Central makes finding and sharing documents-policies and procedures, reports, job postings, manuals and more-easy and convenient. Users simply save documents to a monitored directory using the […]

Daily Report, Dec 19

Team Collaboration PleaseReview 3.2 … Extract of an email from PleaseTech. “Yes – we are working on PleaseReview 3.2 which will be released by the end of January. On the list is document comparison, review linking, a review toolbar and support for sequential reviews. Movies will be available […]

Daily Report, Dec 16

Team Collaboration Tech Coolness only One Decision Factor … Irwin at Nemertes reports on recent discussions with enterprise customers about adoption of wiki/blog/RSS technology from new entrants vs. collaborative technology from larger vendors. “Enterprises we’ve spoken with would, by and large, rather deploy tools from known organizations that […]

Daily Report, Dec 15

Team Collaboration Collanos Workplace 1.0 Released … Collanos released Version 1.0 of Collanos Workplace, its team-collaboration application for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms. Enables users to create workplaces to share with friends and colleagues, and then share documents, hold discussions, and assign tasks. Available immediately; for […]

Daily Report, Dec 14

Team Collaboration gMigrate to Move to Google … CompanionLink Software released gMigrate, to help people migrate data from desktop calendars to Google Calendar. “gMigrate moves data from calendars in Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Palm Desktop and Novell GroupWise to the user’s Google Calendar account. The solution offers a […]

Daily Report, Dec 13

Team Collaboration TimeToMeet … TimeToMeet is an online service for finding a common time to meet with others. “It works for meetings of two and/or of group of people. TimeToMeet can manage time zone differences, so it’s also useful for scheduling international phone calls. When you create a […]

Daily Report, Dec 12

Team Collaboration Socialtext Unplugged … Socialtext released Socialtext Unplugged, for offline editing of wiki pages with synchronization abilities when a network connection is re-established. “Synchronization isn’t a completely automated process, but that’s by design. In situations where two offline workers enter conflicting changes, human intervention is necessary to […]

Daily Report, Dec 11

Productivity Lack of Sleep Impacts Memory … A consistent lack of sleep reduces the ability of the brain to produce new brain cells. Forbes (hat tip, Cindy) 10 Steps for Cleaning Up Information Pollution … Jakob outlines 10 steps that individuals and companies can follow to overcome information […]