Michael’s Biography


Hi, I’m Michael Sampson.

I consult to organisations around the world on customer success, organisational transformation, and achieving business impact with new technology.

A Brief History
Here’s a brief history of my work:

  • In the mid-90s, I wrote my Masters thesis on delivering consulting services across geographical distances. That was at the University of Canterbury.
  • I worked at Telecom New Zealand as a strategist for 3 years.
  • From 1998-2000, I ran my first company in New Zealand. It was an IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Business Partner firm, and we served clients around the world. We did great work.
  • From 1999 to 2003, I was an Industry Analyst at Ferris Research.
  • I ran my own Industry Analyst firm from 2003-2006, with a focus on team collaboration. The firm was called Shared Spaces Research and Consulting.
  • I worked for a vendor of collaboration software for 9 months – from mid-2006 to early 2007.
  • In 2007, I went back to running my own business, this time called The Michael Sampson Company.
  • While research and writing has always been a big focus, I have written seven books over the past decade. My 2016 book is Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365.
  • I have presented workshops and spoken at conferences in numerous countries — Australia, Singapore, United States, London, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, and of course my home country of New Zealand.
  • I have the privilege of working with great clients.

New Zealand, Katrina, and the 11 Kids
I live in and work out of New Zealand, and serve clients around the world through technology or by traveling to work on-site.

I’m married to Katrina (she’s fantastic!), and we have 11 children. They’re fantastic too.