About Michael

I’m Michael Sampson. I’m an analyst and strategist with a long-term interest in the messy intersections between technology, people, teams and organisations.

Analyst. What is, what isn’t, what makes sense, what doesn’t.
As an analyst, I’m interested in how technology impacts people, teams and organisations, and how people, teams and organisations can better flex, adapt and change along with technology. The reports and books I write look at a particular issue in detail.

Strategist. So what? And when? And where? And how? And why?
As a strategist, I take the leap beyond the analyst’s exploration/explanation into the implications of the explanation. In a report or book, this can only ever be at a high level. During an advisory project with a client, the implications are directed and specific.

Explore Explain Equip Enable
The 4E’s – explore, explain, equip and enable – form the tag line for my work (and this repository of notes). The 4E’s show a process and a purpose. While there is necessarily a lot of exploration and explanation on this repository of notes, the fundamental purpose is to equip and enable people to be more awesome. Or, as can be said, to do them better.

Let’s Work Together
Please get in contact to discuss how we can work together.