About Michael

I’m Michael – author, analyst, advisor. My domain of interest is how people and teams can embrace changing conditions to pursue transformation, with a general focus on new technologies that support rethinking work practices, organisational design, culture and business models.

My areas of expertise are:
– Strong written and oral communications
– Active and deep listening
– Meeting and workshop facilitation
– Group presentations
– Analytical thinking
– Multi-stakeholder engagement
– Content development to demonstrate thought leadership
– Strong project management skills

I live and work across New Zealand and Australia. Christchurch is the closest city to where I live. I have worked with clients in the major centres of Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland in New Zealand, plus numerous regional towns. Likewise, I have worked with clients in the major centres of Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

I have also done a lot of international work – because while Australia is of course “international” to New Zealand, we’re pretty close and good friends – despite the frequent friendly jabs across the ditch.

Let’s Work Together
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