Hi, I’m Michael Sampson.

Explorer. Envisioner. Equipper.
– Explorer of contemporary ideas and how they impact people and organisations.
– Envisioner of success, and what that means under changing circumstances.
– Equipper of people – with the confidence to act.

My work:
– written seven books exploring contemporary ideas (e.g., SharePoint, collaboration, user adoption, Office 365), the latest being Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365 (2016).
– presented workshops and spoken at conferences in at least 15 countries to equip people with the confidence to act. Locations have included the Netherlands, England, the United States, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand.
– had the privilege of working with great clients in New Zealand (where I live) and around the world.

Working with Michael
My current work is split across several strands:
– Research Consultant at Silverside in the Netherlands, helping clients with Office 365 and developing the PACE methodology.
– Industry Analyst at Osterman Research, exploring contemporary issues such as cloud security, compliance, ransomware, GDPR, and Office 365.
– Explorer, Envisioner and Equipper at The Michael Sampson Company.

Please get in contact to discuss how we can work together.