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Daily Report, Jan 13

Team Collaboration

  • Funding for Presence Networks … Presence Networks received £250,000 of venture financing from The Capital Fund. Presence Networks is a developer of secure instant messaging technologies, and has recently moved from R&D to marketing. It offers a number of free and for-fee offerings. PressZoom, and Presence Networks
  • From Synchronous to In-Sync? … Bob of Parlano posits that persistent group chat is both a synchronous and asynchronous medium, and shifts the focus from medium to the effect on a group. “Maybe synchronous no longer means a group of people communicating in real time, but instead refers to a group of people being completely in-sync on a topic of conversation. Persistent Chat does this through the persistence of the conversations as well as the filters and intelligent notifications that ensure that people are always up-to-date on information that is important to them. The result is that they are in-sync with their team members, regardless of whether the team is able to communicate in real-time.Bob Serr
  • FireScope Adds Collaboration Tools … FireScope added a number of collaboration toolset capabilities to its IT Operations software, including blogs, wikis, message boards, RSS feeds, shared bookmarks and calendars. “The addition of collaboration tools embedded directly into the FireScope web portal extends the FireScope solution by offering organizations an easy method for creating an internal knowledge base that is directly integrated with the monitoring and management interface for the enterprise. And because every aspect of these tools is user configurable, FireScope empowers businesses to organize information in a way that fits their unique needs and preferences.” Available immediately, for free to any current FireScope customer with maintenance and support. FireScope


  • No Laptop? … David Berlind is at the Consumer Electronics Show, and Marc points to some of David’s coverage of new ultra-mobile PCs. For some/many people, perhaps a laptop is no longer the best alternative. Marc Orchant
  • More on the Apple iPhone … Jeff expected more of Apple, especially better openness (to which Merlin says, “let OS X developers at it)”. Merrill Lynch says that the iPhone is not a threat to RIM. Mike lists and talks through 20 things we don’t know about it (eg, What’s the monthly service cost? How fast it is? How can it sync with Windows applications?). Cisco sued Apple for trademark infringment (it gained the “iPhone” name in 2000 via the Infogear acquisition), but although Cisco and Apple have been negotiating for 2 years on the use of the term, Steve decided to push ahead without an agreement in place.
  • DocumentsToGo for Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone … DataViz announced the immediate availability of a preview edition of its DocumentsToGo offering for Windows Mobile 5 smartphone devices. “Documents To Go is the first and only mobile office editor for Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone Edition on the market today. Now you can view, edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, view Adobe® PDF files as well as unzip files on your smartphone no matter where your personal or professional life takes you.” For Motorola Q, Samsung BlackJack, Samsung i320, and T-Mobile Dash, among others. DataViz


  • 6 Steps to Ultra Productivity … One person’s take: (1) write down what needs to be accomplished, (2) break tasks down to the smallest unit possible, (3) prepare your environment for productivity, (4) start with the quickest/easiest tasks first, (5) set small, medium and long term goals, and (6) only work on one task at a time. Salary Scout
  • 10 Things Craig Learnt Today … Craig coached Lee about personal fitness, and on the way learnt 10 important things. (1) Attitude is always a choice, (2) we make things harder than they need to be, (3) we can be very strong, capable and resilient, (4) we frequently major on the minors, and more. #5 and #6 are particularly good. Craig Harper
  • Dwayne on the Power of Coaching … They help you see things that you can’t see yourself. “This morning, it dawned on me that I was acting as a coach in this situation. An incidental coach, perhaps, but still a coach. I was able to watch her “workflow” to determine why she was getting the wrong results, and I could see things in a way that was difficult for her. I was also able to contribute further advice and solutions based on my own experience. She had the skills necessary to get the work done, but some of her current practices were preventing her from achieving the desired results. And it took someone else’s perspective to get her to work in a more productive way. Therein lies the value of coaching.Genuine Curiosity
  • How Much Sleep Do You Need? … While 7-8 hours is the recommended amount for the average adult, is that what you need? Jason shares a tip he read recently about how to work out how much YOU need. Jason Womack

Knowledge Management

  • Vorsite Roadmap for FileNet P8 … Vorsite, which develops connectors to link SharePoint with ECM platforms, announced a number of connectors to link Microsoft products with FileNet’s P8 platform. It will provide connects for Microsoft Enterprise Search, Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Desktop Search, and SharePoint Services. FastPitch
  • Inxight and Iknow Partnership … Inxight Software announced a strategic partnership with Iknow, for advanced informatics solutions. Iknow, a consulting firm, intends to help organizations embrace Inxight to improve search capabilities. “The companies will initially focus on three industry sectors—pharmaceuticals, legal and government. Within the pharmaceutical industry, huge volumes of information are created, reviewed, and analyzed during the long and complex process of moving promising new therapies through drug discovery and drug development research.Inxight

Other Stuff

  • Microsoft and Liberty Alliance Talk … Microsoft and the Liberty Alliance started discussions on how to reconcile their competing specs for identity management on the Internet. InfoWorld
  • Office 2008 for Mac … Microsoft will release the next version of Office for the Mac later in 2007. David has some screenshots
  • Pointers on Choosing a Laptop Bag … Chris outlines some considerations when choosing a new laptop bag, and links to some neat sites that sell good stuff. WebWorkerDaily
  • Conversation Rules in Blogs … Dave recently posted a very thoughtful and thorough analysis of how conversations in blogs could be improved, especially the area of dangling threads. Dave Pollard. After you’ve done so, ensure that you check out how the awesome dudes at Traction Software handle this issue.

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