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Daily Report, Jan 23

Team Collaboration

  • Lotusphere 2007 Starts … IBM’s annual Lotusphere conference started in Orlando FL, with a set of new and updated software products being announced. For the first time, IBM is also hosting a virtual Lotusphere in Second Life. IBM
    • Lotus Sametime 7.5.1 … Lotus announced a new version of Sametime, its presence and instant messaging platform for businesses. New goodnesses in the product include real-time point-to-point video (including integration with Avistar), integration with Microsoft Outlook and Office, and additional platform support (Linux on the server, Mac on the client). Can be extended through plug-ins. Available early 2Q2007. IBM
    • Lotus Connections … IBM announced Lotus Connections, a social computing platform for businesses. “Lotus Connections facilitates the gathering and exchange of information through professional networks, provides a dashboard-like view of current projects and connects users to like-minded communities. In addition, Lotus Connections removes the need for multiple social software applications, providing businesses with a single destination for building professional communities.” It includes Activities, Communities (of interest and expertise), Dogear (social bookmarking), Profiles (for finding experts) and Blogs. Supports integration with Sametime 7.5. Available 2Q2007. IBM
    • Lotus Quickr … IBM announced Lotus Quickr, a team collaboration solution built on Web 2.0 principles. “Lotus Quickr software comprises connectors that integrate with popular desktop applications, a rich set of content and team services such as wikis and team blogs, and scalable content repositories to help businesses manage information in a security-rich environment.” Includes a set of out-of-the-box application templates for specific business challenges, eg, brainstorming template. Available 2Q2007. IBM
    • (hat tip, Ed)

    • Notes and Domino 8 Beta … IBM announced that the public beta of Version 8 of Notes and Domino will begin in February. New capabilities: integrated standards-based document editors, RSS editor, support for composite applications, one-click dashboard of recent email activity, activity centric tools, a revised user interface, and more. Target ship date is 3Q2007. IBM
    • WebSphere Portal Express 6.0 … IBM announced Version 6.0 of WebSphere Portal Express, its collaborative portal solution. Includes a number of pre-built Web sites for internal and external use. For SMB customers. Available January 30. IBM

  • Microsoft Going After Lotus Shops Again … Microsoft is at it again with its pre-Lotusphere spoiler … this time a new suite of tools to help IBM Lotus shops migrate to Exchange Server 2007, SharePoint Server 2007, and various Office products. The new Microsoft Transporter Suite for Lotus Domino helps organizations with planning coexistence and migration strategies, including Notes applications, directory coexistence, messaging coexistence, free/busy coexistence, directory migration (from Domino Directory to Active Directory), mailbox migration (from Domino to Exchange), and application migration (from Domino to SharePoint 2007). Microsoft, MS Exchange Blogs
  • Tips for e-Communication … (1) remember that not everyone may be using the same tools; (2) be mindful of cultural differences in communication; (3) people have different work habits, so check those before letting off anger at a delayed response; and (4) if you need a response, ask for one. Centre Daily Times
  • NewsGator On-Demand … NewsGator released its hosted RSS platform, called NewsGator Enterprise On-Demand. It provides SMB customers with the full richness of the NewsGator Enterprise RSS platform in a hosted model so the customer doesn’t have to wear the cost of planning, deployment, management and administration. Available immediately. NewsGator, InfoWorld
  • INBOX 2007 in San Jose CA … The annual INBOX conference is happening May 31-June 1 in San Jose CA. “Email is no longer merely an employee/customer/partner communication tool. It is now a vital mechanism in sales, support, marketing and ebusiness plans and systems with legal implications and requirements at state, national and international levels. INBOX is the only forum for technical and marketing execs, covering everything email, all in one place.” Conference chair this year is Maurene Caplan Grey, previously with Gartner, and now president of her own consulting and research firm. INBOX
  • 8apps … 8apps launched a suite of online applications for social networking (Handshake), shared task lists (Orchestrate), collaborative brainstorming (Blueprint, see below), and more. It is currently in closed beta. 8apps
  • Zoho and OmniDrive … Zoho announced an integration with OmniDrive, so that documents stored in OmniDrive can be opened directly using Zoho tools. Zoho Blogs


  • It’s Not Going to be the “iPhone” … Russ advocates that Apple won’t call the iPhone the iPhone, but that it has rather deliberately sowed misdirection to throw competitors off track. “This misdirection will keep competitors from using the next six months to start closing the gap on what truly makes the iPhone revolutionary. The product currently known as the iPhone matters because it reinvents the mobile experience. In the same way that the Macintosh has never been the PC with the greatest features and the iPod has never been the portable music player with the greatest features, Apple shouldn’t sweat the fact that their phone may not have the greatest music phone features. Because what each of these products has done is reinvent the experience into one that the average Joe can sign on for.The Law of Mobility
  • … and RIM Isn’t Sitting Still … It has a number of product releases planned for 2007, including the 9000 series with a new user interface and memory card expansion options. Unstrung


  • Take a 10 minute Nap … An academic study found that people who were limited to 5 hours of sleep a night were able to improve their performance on alertness and cognitive tests after a 10 minute nap. Tasty Research
  • Make Incremental Improvements: They’re More Likely to Stick … Ramit argues that if you try to change too much in one moment, that you are less likely to retain those changes than if you take a more incremental approach. Ramit Sethi
  • Time/Design on Focus Management … Time/Design’s five steps to managing focus: (1) free your mind of all the little details, (2) focus on the big picture, (3) manage the details, (4) seal the cracks, and (5) make success routine. TimeSystem
  • Task Flow Map your Ideal Day … Tony outlines a way of using a task flow map for planning his ideal day, and shares the template for wider usage. The map includes areas to show where and how interruptions took place from inside and out. Life Hack

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