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Daily Report, Feb 1

Team Collaboration

  • Near-Time Premium … Near-Time Inc. launched Near-Time Premium, a for-fee hosted blog and wiki service for businesses. It includes the option of paid membership options so that blog publishers can monetize their analysis. “Blogs and Wikis have emerged as collaborative platforms for creating content, and for sharing expertise and opinions. However, there have traditionally been limited opportunities and technology hurdles for those seeking to get paid for their knowledge, and for access to the sometimes copyrighted content contained in these communities. With the paid membership feature, Near-Time Premium becomes the first one-stop platform where publishers, authors and service organizations can easily set up a weblog or Wiki, publish their content, share files, interact with clients and readers, and charge subscription fees. Users are free to decide what they want to charge for subscription plans.” Very cool. Available in preview. BusinessWire
  • Adobe Acquired Antepo … Adobe announced the acquisition of Antepo, an enterprise presence and IM platform provider. “The Antepo technologies and expertise acquired will support the development of Adobe’s products and solutions for knowledge workers. The addition of Antepo’s Presence and Enterprise Instant Messaging solutions will further expand the capabilities of the Adobe Acrobat software family for enabling knowledge workers to communicate and collaborate with confidence.Adobe
  • Process-one OneTeam … Process-one released OneTeam, an AJAX-based instant messaging client for business customers. “OneTeam handles presence, one-to-one chat, file tranfert, user business card and groupchat in realtime. Based on the XMPP protocol, it enables both secure and private chat inside the company, but can also be opened in a control manner to selected servers in partner organisations.” Private beta is available immediately, with general availability aimed for 2Q2007. eMediaWire
  • OutDisk for Sending Large Files … Serdar briefly reviews OutDisk, and add-on to Microsoft Outlook that streamlines the storage requirements when sending files to others. OutDisk strips the attachment and puts it on a file server and sends a link to the recipient(s) instead. This is a great disk space saver. SearchExchange
  • TANDBERG Experia … TANDBERG announced Experia, an enhanced video conferencing solution for distributed teams. By carefully controlling the equipment and the environment, it gives the impression that others are directly in the room with you. It features interoperability with HP Halo environments too. “TANDBERG Experia addresses current obstacles to broad telepresence adoption while providing the most natural communication experience possible. The Experia advantage is in its ability to adapt to multiple environments and to interoperate with other standards-based video systems, providing the telepresence experience to a wider market. By placing Experia on an existing or managed network and making minor room adjustments, an executive’s conference room can be transformed into a telepresence studio.” Available 2Q2007. TANDBERG
  • Messaging Architects Acquires NetMail and Hula Leadership … The Messaging Architects announced the acquisition of Novell’s NetMail product, along with the leadership of the open source Hula collaboration software project. “ Today’s agreement was the result of Novell’s search for a trusted partner who could lead the Hula Project forward and provide strong support for NetMail customers today and into the future. With M+Guardian, Messaging Architects demonstrated that it was the perfect candidate to lead the future development of the Hula Project and NetMail for the benefit of the open source community and NetMail customers.” Messaging Architects is a long-time Novell ISV. MarketWire, Messaging Architects
  • Sync Google Calendar and Apple iCal … Charlie Wood released the beta of SpanningSync, which provides two-way synchronization of calendar data between Google Calendar and Apple iCal. There’s some more hardware on order to handle the increased server load. Jeff Nolan


  • Propel’r Delayed … The Propel’r team, which is working on a Web-based application for GTD, sent an email saying that they’ve delayed the release of their beta until 3Q2007, due to the interest and feedback they’ve received. “We were initially aiming for a beta release in the first quarter of ’07 however due to our extremely high workload and the sheer amount of interest, we are going to push back the release date as we want to ensure that the initial release is as polished as it can possibly be. Therefore, we are now looking at an initial release of Summer ’07. Propel’r Blog
  • To Do List Review … Noah reviews a host of to do / next action list software applications. He lists his “must”, “doesn’t need” and “like to have” design requirements. Noah Coad’s Code
  • PDA for GTD? … If you are thinking about using a PDA to help with GTD, Vilmosz asked some related questions about doing so, and there’s a helpful discussion there too. David Allen’s Public Forums
  • Overcome Procrastination … Jennifer lists 10 ways to overcome procrastination in our lives: (1) recharge daily, (2) get a friend involved, (3) reward yourself, (4) do things in pieces, (5) use music, (6) don’t be afraid to do two things at once, (7) delegate, (8) prioritize, (9) get in touch with the end result, and (10) just do it! SelfGrowth

Other Stuff

  • Wow, Marc Was Right … Notae 2 from CodePoetry is an AWESOME writing tool for Mac OS X (just as he said. Version 2 has just been released. “Notae keeps all of your thoughts together. It lets you tag each item with words that are important to you, not just with predefined labels. Then, when you need that data the most, Notae lets you quickly search your data by content or tag to find what you’re looking for.” And yes, the icon isn’t critical in the grand scheme of things, but I love it nonetheless. Code Poetry
  • Existential Moment … Thanks Chris. I haven’t laughed so much in days. Chris Brogan

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