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Daily Report, Jan 30

Team Collaboration

  • Peter on Lotusphere 2007 … Peter from The Burton Group shares the first of his high-level summaries from Lotusphere. “With the success of Lotusphere 2007, however, IBM Lotus has started the second chapter, with a product strategy and family that successfully exploit historical strengths such as Notes/Domino and WebSphere Portal while also introducing new offerings that are likely to make IBM Lotus a leader in emerging as well as traditional enterprise collaboration contexts.CollaborationLoop
  • Sametime 7.5.1 Screenshots … Stu has screenshots of the new Sametime 7.5.1 presence and IM client from Lotus. Stu Downes
  • WebEx Email for WebOffice … WebEx announced again that they have an email service option on WebEx WebOffice. Features an AJAX-based email client, live search, POP and IMAP support, public mail folders, and more. Given that they first announced this in September last year, why the repeat now? Yahoo Finance
  • Scalability in Jabber … Jabber released results from a recent scalability analysis of its XCP platform for presence and instant messaging. “The tests were performed on the Jabber Extensible Communications Platform™ (Jabber XCP™) and began with a benchmark of 420,000 concurrent users on two Sun Fire™ T2000 servers. At the peak of scalability testing, the messaging platform was supporting in excess of one million concurrent users in a single Jabber XCP domain stretched across eight Sun Fire T2000 servers. Each additional server added the capability to support an incremental 150,000 concurrent users. Over the course of the trials, Jabber, Inc. reports that CPU utilization decreased significantly with each additional box, even with the additional users, suggesting that the efficiency of Jabber XCP increases with greater scale.” Impressive! Jabber


  • Exchange Direct Push on Palm Treo … Palm announced an updated version of Exchange ActiveSync for Palm Treo 680 and 700p smartphones, which enables users to be connected to Exchange Server via Direct Push. The update enhances the Palm VersaMail email client. Available next week. Palm


  • Set Yourself on Fire First … Fred Shero says “success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must first set yourself on fire”. Steve shares some thoughts, and concludes with “Fred got it right. Don’t wait for spontaneous combustion or for someone to set light to you. Own your own happiness and success, engage with those things and operate from a place where they’re real and present. Don’t wait, set yourself on fire.Steve Errey
  • Not Happy? … Change your perception toward happiness. Joe at Our Thinking
  • Naturally Organized, or Have Learnt to Be So? … Susan says it’s a myth that being organized is something people have from birth or not. All it requires is learning some skills and setting up some routines to be organized, with all of its associated benefits. “The impacts of disorganization are many and varied from a marred reputation for consistent lateness, to stress and lost time while looking for things, to unattractive environments. The opposite of that is true for the organized – free time, a clear mind, a good-looking environment, less stress, and opportunity.ProductivityCafe

Other Stuff

  • ModBook … Take a MacBook, make some mods, and you have an Apple Tablet. Interesting … Macworld

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