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Daily Report, Jan 26

Team Collaboration

  • Update Pending for Xythos on Demand … Xythos Software is adding new features to Xythos on Demand on January 30, its hosted collaborative content management platform. Those are: simplified roles (viewer and contributor), the ability to add users and non-users to a file, auto-complete typing from your contacts, new sharing notifications, and more. Available next week. Xythos on Demand
  • The Future of Google Groups … Google Groups, free online discussion forums, is being improved via a new interface and the creation and editing of online Web pages (think wiki). IDG’s Juan Carlos Perez recently interviewed Andrew Zaeske, the engineering manager for Google Groups about the role of Google Groups going forward, and how it fits in a Web 2.0 world. Juan Carlos goes on the offensive offering all sorts of product improvement ideas, and Andrew seeks to toe the corporate line without confirming or denying anything. InfoWorld
  • Messaging Architects M+Guardian … The Messaging Architects released M+Guardian, a policy-based email firewall based on the open source Hula work. “M+Guardian continues Messaging Architects’ multi-layered approach to email security at the gateway level by intelligently combining predictive and reactive technologies with cutting-edge filtering engines that offer real-time in-line scanning of inbound email, as well as flexible reputation filters applied to outbound email to meet corporate policies and compliance requirements pertaining to electronic records. M+Guardian features a robust directory-enabled Policy Engine that facilitates the granular deployment of policies to address regulatory, technological, and security issues at a domain, group, or user level. M+Guardian also supports application-layer clustering: its components can be distributed across multiple servers to provide high availability of collaboration and load balancing required by organizations of all sizes.” Available immediately, in appliance format. MarketWire


  • Offline Online SaaS … Various software-as-a-service vendors are actively working on the development and delivery of offline synchronization capabilities, including ThinkFree with its suite of online office productivity applications. searchSMB
  • Nokia N800 Internet Tablet … ComputerWorld analyzes the recently released Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, concluding that it’s “fascinating but incomplete”. Pros: it’s faster than its predecessor, the screen is beautiful, there’s an onscreen keyboard plus handwriting recognition, and more. Cons: it’s too slow for streaming video, it can’t sync contact, appointment and to-do list information with a PC, and battery life is only reasonable. Comment: I’m keen. Where do I get one from? ComputerWorld. Oliver’s reviewed it too, up at MobileCrunch


  • Ten Annoying Meeting Behaviors … Michael lists and comments on 10 of the annoying meeting habits he’s experienced throughout his career, such as (4) engaging in side conversations, (5) not taking notes, and (8) not coming prepared. “When you really get down to it, all of these flow from the same basic problem: disrespect. Just think how much more productive we could make our meetings if we all showed one another respect and eliminated these behaviors.” Troy (comment 2) proposes a good #11: not being clear when the meeting is over who has to do what by when. Michael Hyatt
  • Ideas on Abandoning Projects … Gary comments on the times in our lives when we need to abandon projects and products that aren’t living up to their potential. “If we hold on to projects that aren’t working for too long, it can be disheartening to our people when the failure of it stretches out over a long period of time. It’s better to cut the strings and let it go, then to keep on pushing something that never has had a chance of making it.ManagersRealm
  • Don’t Be Dumb … Robin analyzes five traits common to computer consultants who sabotage their career success, such as (1) not considering marketing and selling as a top business priority, (2) poor time management allocation, (4) not holding themselves accountable, and two more good ones. Interesting … ConnectITNews

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