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Daily Report, Jan 31

Team Collaboration

  • Coversant’s Scalability Numbers … Coversant, a provider of the SoapBox Platform 2007 for enterprise instant messaging and presence, recently announced the results of its scalability testing: 250,000 concurrent users on a single SoapBox Server on Windows 2003 Server. It doesn’t support clustering yet. “SoapBox Platform 2007 is a complete platform consisting of three SoapBox Server options (Express, Standard, and Enterprise), two SoapBox Communicator options (Desktop or Mobile), and SoapBox Studio that includes seven open source software development kits for software developer productivity. The current version of SoapBox Studio supports developing custom XMPP-based collaboration applications that handle nearly any form of real-time multimodal communications with Microsoft Office integration. It allows developers to target multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, Pocket PC, Smartphone, and Flash. When combined with SoapBox Server, the SoapBox Platform 2007 enables unrivaled access and policy management capabilities with data encryption that make it uniquely suited to security-conscious public and private sector organizations.Coversants
  • Zoho Notebook … Zoho released a private alpha of Zoho Notebook. “Introducing Zoho Notebook – the online application for gathering and creating multiple types of content that can easily be shared with others. Designed with a simple user interface, Zoho Notebook solves the problem of managing multiple sources of information and content that is typically spread all over the place: your desktop, e-mail, websites, applications etc. With Notebook, you now have a single place to access and share the information that matters to you.” It features very nice integration with other applications in the Zoho suite. There’s a 2m45s video on YouTube. Zoho Notebook. Read Write Web has analysis.


  • iBerry … PocketMac released MacTheme for the BlackBerry, which replaces the BlackBerry look and feel with a Mac OS X look and feel. Available for the 7100, 7200 and 8700 series currently, with more on the way. iBerry anyone? PocketMac


  • Just Stop It! … Being controlled by your computer and gadgets, that is. Laura offers some counsel: keep your cell phone number private, turn off the computer and TV, be fully present, and draw the line somewhere (find some time during the week to rest). The Productivity Pro
  • Choose a Tech Mix Depending on What You Have to Communicate … On choosing what type of communication tool to use in communicating with others, Mickey says “the greater the misalignment, the more senses should be engaged in the interaction. If you and I differ hardly at all, we need only a one-sense solution. As the likelihood of disagreement increases, so must the number of senses involved and up the sensory scale we go, requiring a two-, three-, four-, or five-sense solution.” He’s got some good examples. Mickey Connolly
  • 10 Strategies to Get More Done … Ten good reminders from Jim about how to get more done. ConnectITNews

Other Stuff

  • Bluebeam PDF Revu 5.0 … Bluebeam Software released Version 5.0 of PDF Revu, its PDF creation, markup and page editing software. New features: markup rotation, redaction of text or images, customized headers and footers, and more. Available immediately … and there’s a 30-day free trial. PDF Revu is the product I purchased for the markup of PDFs on my Tablet PC, and it is simply outstanding. Bluebeam
  • Mac OS X 10.5 is Coming … Troy at the Mercury News wonders whether the forthcoming release of Leopard, the next version of Mac OS X, will be suitably good to encourage more Windows users to forget Vista and switch to a real computing platform ;-). Mercury News
  • Visiting with Steve and Eric … I had the tremendous delight of spending a few minutes with Steve Barth and Eric Mack yesterday via Skype video. Eric has details. Eric Mack

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