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Daily Report, Jan 24

Team Collaboration

  • SiteSapce Forum 8.0 … SiteScape released Version 8.0 of Forum, its web-based collaborative platform for real-time and asynchronous working. New features: blogs and wikis, voice over IP, and updates to the workflow management engine for user control, among others. Available immediately. SiteScape (PDF) or MarketWire
  • New TeamDirection Product in the Works … John from TeamDirection writes about a new product they’re working on for the unification of SharePoint, Groove and Microsoft Project. “This intelligent feature will let you share your tasks to a SharePoint 2003 or 2007 system, or to a Groove 2007 system. Right out of the box. No installation on the SharePoint server is required. No installation for Internet Explorer required. Your team members can use out of the box Microsoft tools to view their tasks and update them.” Very kewl. Intelligantt
  • Telescope for Basecamp … Mike released Telescope, a dashboard widget for Mac OS X that displays project information from Basecamp accounts, including project status, list of current projects, last 25 updates, project milestones, and more. Includes the ability to mark to-dos as complete. This sounds like just the thing for Stowe (hey Mike, Stowe’s gonna want it to work with multiple Basecamp accounts) LoggedOff
  • Enerflex Systems Goes Microsoft … Enerflex Systems, a power generation equipment manufacturer in Canada, has shifted from Novell NetWare to Microsoft Windows Server 2003. It looks like they’ve put in Exchange too, but the story is unclear.
  • Trilog Group ProjExec … Trilog Group showed off ProjExec, its collaborative project management solution at Lotusphere 2007. “Created to increase the speed and effectiveness of multi-enterprise project execution, ProjExec is an integrated role-based team space designed specifically to manage and control collaboration throughout the entire project life cycle. ProjExec provides a one-stop project management and execution approach within a secure portal, minimizing project management and allowing teams to focus on effectively performing activities specific to the achievement of project goals.” It runs on IBM and Lotus infrastructure, and is available in behind-the-firewall and hosted modes. BusinessWire

  • (see full size image at Trilog Group)

  • MindTouch Deki … MindTouch released Deki, a business wiki solution in an appliance that runs in a virtual machine on Linux or Windows. “MindTouch Deki enables users to immediately create, edit, share, search and store documents, emails, files and images securely behind a company’s firewall. It is suitable for a wide range of applications within workgroups and enterprises across a variety of industries. With an intuitive interface that looks and works like a word processor, MindTouch Deki offers a WYSIWYG rich-text editing experience in a web browser familiar to knowledge workers.” It includes a Connector for integrating with Microsoft Outlook. MindTouch claims installation within 15 minutes. MindTouch


  • Quickoffice v4 … Quickoffice, Inc. released Version 4.0 of Quickoffice, its office productivity suite for Symbian devices. “Quickoffice software provides smartphone users with mobile access to Microsoft Office documents, allowing them to open, edit and save files in their native format. This latest release offers new, unique and powerful features for mobile phones, greatly enhancing both user-experience and productivity. The software provides comprehensive editing capabilities in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel with complete integrity of a document’s original formatting.” Available immediately. Quickoffice
  • RIM BlackBerry for Domino Discussion Databases … Research In Motion demonstrated its current capabilities for integrating with Lotus Notes and Domino, including the ability to mobilize a standard Lotus Domino Discussion database to a BlackBerry. RIM
  • Rogers Wireless Hosts with Ceryx … Ceryx, a hosting provider of Microsoft Exchange, announced that Rogers Wireless in Canada is offering hosted email and wireless email on the Ceryx hosted Exchange platform. “The solution leverages RIM’s Blackberry Enterprise Server, Microsoft’s Active Sync, Windows Mobile 5.0 and Blackberry Enterprise Server 4.1 and Roger’s MyMail. This solution will deliver enterprise-level integration between the ThinOffice Microsoft Exchange platform and wireless devices including all Blackberries and numerous smart phones. Wireless users who are on the Rogers Hosted Email Solution can synchronize all of their data without ever having to cradle synch their devices.Ceryx


  • “It’s Strategic” … Bren says that the first person in a discussion/conversation/debate to say that “it’s strategic” wins the high ground. kflowers in comment #2 has a good retort for coming back.
  • Vishal on Working from Home … Vishal proposes a number of keys to success in working from home; (1) have a separate work place, ideally a separate room, (2) schedule your time so you can work without being disturbed, and (3) when distracted, take a break and come back to it fresh. Lifehack
  • Incremental Changes in Diet … Try the 5% diet program. “Instead of losing a pre-determined amount of weight over a time period (such as 10 pounds), they have set it up as a percentage of their total body weight.Success Begins Today
  • 5 Steps to *More* Stress … (1) attempt to control absolutely everything, (2) believe in the possibility of “making it”, (3) look for satisfaction ‘out there’, (4) emphasize yourself, and (5) be more and have more. Everyday Wonderland
  • Be Happier … Steve shares 8 tips for being happy at work, including (1) decide to enjoy work, and (6) concentrate on the good things about your job. “Here is the key to lifelong happiness: Persuade yourself that you are happy. Brainwash yourself into the belief that you are happy. Talk yourself into it. If you have ever tried to convince yourself that you are happy, you know it can be difficult. But it is worth it.Selling Power
  • Overcoming “infomania” … Microsoft recently hosted a two-day workshop on “infomania” … that being the loss of concentration caused by constant electronic interruptions. One proposed technology improvement was enhanced ways of notifying people about important (to them) changes or emails. Human factors changes included better education about what messages to send or not to send, writing specific lists of next actions required by others in an email message, etc. SeattlePI
  • Networking your Tribe … Neat set of ideas by Andrea on improving social relations in business. “As members of a ‘business tribe,’ people enjoy trading stories and sharing discoveries. Yet, because our work world has advanced, we are now highly specialized. We have a tendency is to get stuck in our individual ‘caves’ instead of spending enough time around the ‘fire ring.’ So, how can we maximize the times that we spend with our coworkers so that together we can advance our business? How can we use our corporate meetings and even social events to network ‘within the tribe’ in order to build alliances that will collectively help us attain higher levels of individual and corporate performance?” I particularly like the one called “Random Acts of Networking Kindness”. ConnectITNews

Other Stuff

  • Speak Well of Competitors … Garr writes about the necessity of and power of speaking well of competitors. Some very good thoughts. Presentation Zen
  • Rod’s Latest Painting … Ok, I’m not an art critic, but I did love this painting by Rod Boothby. It’s doing duty as screensaver and desktop wallpaper on my Mac at the moment. Rod’s 72 Seconds

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