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Daily Report, Jan 25

Team Collaboration

  • Tasks in Near-Time … Near-Time added task management capabilities to its collaborative team workspace product. “Task management capabities are integrated with Near-Time’s wikis, weblogs and file sharing services. Members can organize tasks by milestone or project. Assignments can be made and tracked for members within a Near-Time space. The Near-Time dashboard view offers a consolidated, color-coded view giving users an easy way to access tasks and coordinate activities by deadlines and priorities. Members can also subscribe to RSS feeds to stay up to date on their projects.Near-Time
  • Koral … Koral, Inc. offers Koral, a content collaboration solution for businesses. “Koral helps you put an end to wasted hours trying to find your most recent and relevant content by synchronizing it in a central place and making searching for it very intuitive. Say goodbye to a mess of folders: Koral doesn’t require them. Koral then helps you use your business information to collaborate within your company and with partners, suppliers and customers.” It includes capabilities for online file storage, multi-person collaboration thereon, search, and synchronization for offline access. Koral. John’s got a helpful write up.
  • Microsoft Exchange Connections 2007 … Microsoft’s conference focused on Exchange Server 2007 is happening in Orlando FL April 1st-4th. Are you fool to attend or miss out? Exchange Connections


  • IDC’s Projections for Mobility in 2007 … IDC’s list of key global mobile issues for 2007: (1) fixed-mobile convergence (eg, delivering PBX calling features to mobile phones), (2) content interoperability, (3) customer segmentation, and (4) the integration of mobile applications with enterprise applications (from simple wireless email through to the mobilization of collaborative applications). SearchMobileComputing


  • Jason’s Four Words … Jason’s new business is taking off, and he’s firmed up his four key words: Time, Energy, Focus and Tools. He talks through what he’s got to offer and how he helps his clients. Jason Womack
  • Write It Down … Bob links to research on the power of writing things down. “There’s a direct correlation to when I have a pen and paper handy and write stuff down and a lessoning of stress. It’s when I’m trying to keep all those bits and pieces in my head that stress rises. More things I’m trying not to forget, more things that are slipping out of my head…PastorHacks.Net
  • Dave’s 11 Ways of Staying Focused … Yeah, I’ve probably linked to this already … but since “focus and concentration are keys to productivity!” it is worth a refresher. His list: (1) have well defined goals, (2) break things into bite sized chunks, (3) prioritize constantly, (4) track progress vigourously, (5) always plan ahead, (6) reward yourself when warranted, (7) develop positive patterns and routines, (8) remove the distractions that you can, (9) block out time for specific tasks, (10) keep the results clearly in mind, and (11) enlist family and friends for help. Dave Cheong

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