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Apple Shoots the iBerry, Jan 31

Just in from the folks at PocketMac:

Occasionally a good idea catches on and becomes wildly successful. Our recent release of the PocketMac MacThemes for BlackBerry has been one of those, and we are grateful for so much enthusiasm around this product. The look and feel makes Mac users feel right at home.

Now we have some disappointing news… the folks at Apple feel that our look and feel is TOO similar to the Macintosh, and have asked us to stop selling it. Because we have great respect for Apple specifically, and for the principles of copyright protection in general, we are going to do as they request immediately.

Our plan is to rework the designs so that we can provide a similarly comfortable user interface on the BlackBerry that also respects everyone’s copyrights. So, we’ll have our artists come up with something dazzling that we can share with you without accidentally stepping on anyone’s toes.

Anyone who purchased our first version will be eligible to a free upgrade to our next version, of course!

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, and now for your patience, as we retool this product for the next great round!

Disappointing indeed. It looked like a great offering.

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