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Daily Report, Feb 2

Team Collaboration

  • Marc’s at DEMO 2007 … Marc’s attending the DEMO 2007 Conference and has a high-level summary of some of the new announcements that have been made during the morning and afternoon sessions. Ephraim noted that a key theme is putting people at the center of emerging technology, not the technology itself.
  • Docs & Spreadsheets Links with Gmail … Google announced an integration between Gmail and Google Docs & Spreadsheets. When a Gmail user receives an email with a document or spreadsheet attached, they can click to open it directly using Docs & Spreadsheets. “Until recently, if you received a document attached to an email message and wanted to import it into D&S, it was a convoluted process — download the attachment to your desktop, then upload it to D&S. No more. Now the Gmail team has launched a one-click import feature that you’ll really appreciate.Google
  • CircleUp … CircleUp announced a neat service at DEMO 2007 for the automatic aggregation, classification and analysis of responses by email or IM to a question requesting input and feedback. It requires people to ask a carefully crafted question, in order to get back a neatly formatted answer. “Everyone knows that if you ask a better question, you’ll get a better answer but few people know what to do about it. CircleUp enables non-tech-savvy people to ask better questions with Answer Patterns(TM) that add a little bit of structure to the question. They focus the response and make it possible to aggregate and organize the results automatically. The special-purpose QuestionBox(TM) widget that recipients see focuses their responses on only the information requested and eliminates the random answers, distractions and extraneous details that are common with group email requests.PRNewswire
  • Windows Live Messenger for Vista … Microsoft released Version 8.1 of Windows Live Messenger, an IM client for Vista users. Includes an updated user interface, a roaming feature, and some bug fixes. Available immediately. InfoWorld
  • GroveSite Case Study … GroveSite released a case study written by the Patricia Seybold Group on how the use of GroveSite’s collaborative workspaces have made a difference to a small lighting design and manufacturing firm. Visual Comfort replaced email with GroveSite, so as to more effectively communicate designs throughout the product development cycle. GroveSite (PDF)
  • Alfresco and OpenTrust … Alfresco Software announced that IDEALX has developed an encryption plug-in for Alfresco, for the encryption and decryption of content stored in Alfresco spaces. “IDEALX’s new Java Plug-In, is fully integrated into Alfresco and is natively based on the Alfresco aspect-oriented rules and actions infrastructure. By applying the cypher rule to a specific workspace, after setting the associated key, this plug-in enables a document to be encrypted in PKCS#5 format prior to upload. When downloading an encrypted document, the user can then decrypt it, by entering the correct key into his previously created private workspace. The encrypted document will remain in the original workspace until the user has decrypted the document in his private workspace.XTV World


  • DEMO 2007 Mobility Morning … Mark’s got details of the mobility-focused announced from DEMO 2007. He told me about this one the other day, and I agree, it sounds awesome. “Alcatel-Lucent Ventures – The Mobile Endpoint Management System is one of the coolest things I’ve seen at DEMO 07. A 3G-enabled PC card with an embedded OS, SD card slot, and the ability to provide complete remote administration, management and security services directly to the device.Marc Orchant
  • Nokia N800 Review … Dave got his hands on one of the Nokia N800 Internet Tablets, and shares his first take. He particularly likes the openness of the device, due to its Linux roots, as compared to the forthcoming Apple iPhone. PCPro UK
  • Oliver Starr Moves On … Oliver Starr, previous author of the MobileCrunch blog in the TechCrunch network, has accepted a senior analyst role at Guidewire Group. He’ll be focusing on delivering in-depth context to investors and strategy executives about the mobile market. EarthTimes


  • Bob on Block Scheduling … Bob writes about the benefits he’s noted since embracing block scheduling … putting certain recurring activities into your calendar in advance of being bombarded with moment-by-moment requests for time and attention. “It was a big turning point for me to block out (with recurring events that appear every week) my sermon prep and other times and then approach the calendar with the free times clearly labeled, ready for appointments. It’s a lot easier to shift someone to a better time for you as well when you can look at your calendar and truthfully say “I’ve got something there… could we do it a bit later?PastorHacks

Other Stuff

  • .Mac-Less Sync … Mark/Space released Version 1.0 of SyncTogether, to enable people with multiple Macs to synchronize information without relying on Apple’s .Mac service. “The software works with individuals who have more than one Mac or with groups of people who want to share information. It can sync Address Book contacts, iCal tasks and events, Safari bookmarks, Apple Mail settings and filters. It also works with Entourage 2004, Mark/Space Notebook, Yojimbo and other applications that leverage Mac OS X v10.4’s Sync Services technology.” Works peer-to-peer, via Bonjour, and over the Internet. Kewl. MacWorld

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