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Daily Report, Nov 27

Team Collaboration

  • Avanquest Office Gateway … Avanquest released Office Gateway, a suite of hosted applications for SMEs. “Users instantly have the benefits of webmail, document library, company directory, sharing of calendars, CRM/ invoicing, to do lists, bookmarks, announcements, Skype integration, SMS email text messaging, news feeds, translator, currency converter and polling feature.” Pricing starts at £29.95 a month. Available immediately, in the UK. SourceWire
  • Remember the Milk integrated with Google Calendar … Remember the Milk integrated its Web-based task list with Google Calendar. Users can also tie tasks to specific locations via Google Maps. Awesome. Remember the Milk Blog
  • Three Development Routes for Presence … Mike outlines three ways that presence & availability technology could evolve: (a) status quo linkage to IM and other systems; (b) it becomes independent but remains communication-oriented; or (3) presence 2.0. Mike Gotta
  • Hear, Hear: Dynamics, not Technology … Very good reminder to focus on enhancing organizational dynamics, not the implementation of new “2.0” technology. “I honestly believe that the more transformational “” 2.0 solutions will be driven by changes that focus first on leadership, followership, decision rights, human capital management, community-building, converging work/lifestyles and so on – not technology. And when technology does become an enabler to the solution (e.g., blog, wiki or mashup of some sort), due diligence regarding security, identity, compliance, records management, and alignment with existing infrastructure investments will still be required.Mike Gotta


  • RIM Acquired Epoch Integration … Research In Motion acquired Epoch Integration, which offers NeedText, a set of software tools for managing the RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server. RIM will integrate NeedText into future versions of its server. Financial terms not disclosed.
  • Mobility Features in Vista … Microsoft has built in a slew of new and enhanced mobility features in Vista, including MeetingSpace, offline files, mobility center and more. Vista includes a new “Mobile PC” option in the Control Panel (right next to this one I think). Craig Pringle
  • Berggi for Mobile Email … Berggi introduced a mobile email service for users of basic mobile phones. Enables users to send and receive email via Internet services such as Yahoo, Microsoft and Google. Available in in the US and Spain. Price is $9.99 per month in the US, with the first three months offered for free. CNET News


  • Start with a Small Drip … “Real progress starts with a single step …. If you can keep with the small successes, day in and day out…your progress will eventually be comparable to whitewater rapids in it’s intensity.Achieve-IT!
  • Web-based GTD App … SonicIQ is getting ready to ship the first beta of Propel’r, a Web-based GTD application. “In our case, we needed to be able to manage multiple client projects, deadlines, resources and time all with GTD in mind. We also needed a way to receive and manage client requests, which would ultimately become projects themselves.” The first beta release is due in early 2007. Beta registrations are being taken. Propel’r Blog
  • Create “Alone Time” … “Guess which part of the day we get the most work done? The alone part. It’s not that surprising really. Many people prefer to work either early in the morning or late at night – times when they’re not being bothered. When you have a long stretch where you aren’t bothered, you can get in the zone. The zone is when you are most productive. It’s when you don’t have to mindshift between various tasks. It’s when you aren’t interrupted to answer a question or look up something or send an email or answer an im. The alone zone is where real progress is made.Vitamin Features

Knowledge Management

  • WebSideStory Publish 4.0 … WebSideStory released Version 4.0 of Publish, a Web content management offering that tailors content placement based on visitor behavior. “For example, marketers can show the most popular downloads on a site, as opposed to an alphabetical list, or make sure that top customer support questions, product details or sales tools are updated in real time based on the “wisdom of the crowds,” or measures of popularity, such as most requested pages.” Available immediately. PressZoom

Other Cool Stuff

  • Tablet Mac? … C’mon Apple, just do it! SmartHouse
  • I’m Looking Forward to “Spaces” … Due in Leopard, aka Mac OS X 10.5. Bring it on! ComputerWorld
  • Make it Easier to Adopt … Itensil reflects on some of its early market data, with an especial focus on the need to make products easier for new users to adopt / embrace. Itensil Blog

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