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Daily Report, Dec 8

Team Collaboration

  • Adobe Acrobat Connect … Adobe shipped Connect, its online conferencing service that used to be called Macromedia Breeze. “Unlike traditional web conferencing solutions, the Acrobat Connect products enable users to choose a simple and easy-to-remember web address for their online personal meeting room that is unique to them, much like a phone number or e-mail address. Accessing a personal meeting room is easy and instant, requiring little more than a web browser and the ubiquitous Adobe Flash® Player software, installed on more than 97 percent of Internet-connected computers worldwide. Because there is no cumbersome software to download, knowledge workers can easily hold spontaneous, ad-hoc meetings that are virtually hassle-free to join.Adobe
  • AtTask @task 4.3 … AtTask released Version 4.3 of @task 4, its Web-based project management system. New features: more responsive interface, a reporting framework, interactive GANTT charts, and more. “@task can manage thousands of users and can also run in a clustered environment for improved scalability and availability. @task’s architecture allows organizations to integrate literally any application on any OS platform into the project management environment using @task‘s application program interface (API). @task supports Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server databases, as well as integration with Apache and IIS. @task also supports Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP, Linux, Mac OS X and UNIX.” Available immediately. AtTask
  • FaceTime Compliance Update … FaceTime reminded the world that its IMAuditor offering can play an essential role in capturing and storing IM transcripts, and for assisting organizations in finding relevant IM transcript when under the litigation gun. The new Federal Rules of Civil Procedure require enterprises to store IM transcripts. FaceTime
  • Xchange Network … Xchange Network announced cross-platform and cross-product synchronization capabilities in XC Bridge, a gateway for linking disparate collaboration services into a single unified interface for knowledge workers. “XC Bridge functions as a conduit between the separate collaboration platforms. Each user may enable a “connection” to the desired calendar, address book, and/or task folder that they wish to share or participate in. A defined yet flexible permissions model enables users and system administrators to securely regulate access to data. Users may enable as many connections to other servers as they need, such as between collaboration servers, accounting servers, on-line calendar servers, etc., allowing them to manage their data from one desktop interface.Xchange Network
  • Learn WebRoom … announced the forthcoming release of WebRoom, a Web-based conferencing and collaboration suite. is focused on workforce development and productivity, and hopes that its customers will use WebRoom for managing decisions over the lifecycle of an employee. Available December 23. PRWeb
  • Group Chat in Business … David looks at the role and power of persistent group chat in the enterprise. “chat is the beginning of a new movement toward replacing group meetings. It offers workable communications support for far-flung project teams, with the attendant obvious boost in productivity.” He covers usage in the military and on Wall Street, some of the vendors, some of the standards, and its impact on email traffic. InformationWeek (hat tip, Jeff)


  • Sprint Mobile Email Update … Sprint launched Sprint Mobile Email, a unified email client from SEVEN Networks. Key features: queuing of messages to send while out of coverage, folder traversal, auto-synchronizations of message folders, and more. “Manage all of your personal email accounts, at the same time, with the Power of Sprint Mobile Email. Access your AOL, MSN, Yahoo and other IMAP, POP3 accounts on your phone. Be notified when messages arrive or have them sent straight to your phone.” Available immediately. Sprint


  • More Margin Needed … Rick writes about our need for margin, white space, time/space to think and plan, time to be quiet and find inner renewal. “If you’re going to free up some space for yourself, if you’re going to allow some down time and build some buffer zones into your life, you’re going to have to make the decision to do so. No one else will do it for you. This means actually leaving some empty spaces in your planner – a pretty scary thought to some of us. But the result is that your Palm Pilot won’t reveal the word “Overload” every time you open it (hat tip, Gavin)
  • 12 Rules of Time … Jim shares his “12 rules of time”: (1) have goals; (2) analyze how you spend your time; (3) keep a to-do list; (4) prioritize your list; (5) control procrastination; (6) organize; (7) delegate; (8) master efficiency tricks, eg, the power of while; (9) it’s okay to say no; (10) focus; (11) build your efficiency bank; and (12) take care of yourself. ConnectIT
  • Top 5 Time Savers … (1) podcasts in the car (see the “power of while” above), (2) wireless interent, (3) BlackBerry for on the go email, (4) external hard drive, and (5) online banking. What’s your list? Productive Strategies
  • Stretch Yourself … Growth in capability requires moving beyond where you are today (well, duh!). “Take the time to do something hard. Take the time to do something new. Your biggest surges of growth will come from stretching yourself. You can stretch yourself in small ways by trying a new type of food, talking with a stranger, or watching a movie that is different than your norm. You can stretch yourself in big ways by quiting your job and going into business for yourself. Regardless of how you go about it, you will grow more by stretching yourself on a consistent basis than by reading every self help book you can find. When you are looking for things to stretch your capabilities, here are a few things to keep in mind.Productive Strategies

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