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Daily Report, Nov 30

Team Collaboration

  • Embrace Groove; Save 10% on Project Execution … Well-written case study on the embrace of a team collaboration application (Groove, in this case) by Steelcase, and what it’s meant for the business. “Selected because of its simplicity, flexibility, extensibility, low cost, and “human-centric” approach, Groove Virtual Office has helped Steelcase improve collaboration and cohesiveness. Steelcase groups also have saved up to 10 percent on project costs through reduced travel expenses and increased productivity.” My take is that Steelcase could have used a number of other products instead of Groove and still received the same benefits, based on the specific issues they were trying to solve … but nonetheless, it’s a good story. Microsoft
  • Apptix and Colligo … Colligo Networks announced a partnership with Apptix, a messaging and collaboration hosting provider, for the delivery of offline access to hosted SharePoint sites via Colligo’s offline solutions. “Colligo Reader and Colligo Contributor are the easiest offline SharePoint solutions to deploy, learn, and use. Free for individuals, Colligo Reader offers offline read access to entire SharePoint sites. Colligo Contributor provides a significant productivity advantage with full read, modify, create, and two-way synchronization functionality.” This is a good win for Barry and the team. PRWeb
  • ConceptShare … ConceptShare released its namesake web-based tool for creating shared workspaces to present and collaborate on visual images. “ConceptShare is also very different than web conferencing or other collaborative environments in that it was designed to be both synchronous and asynchronous for communication. Comment layers are sequential and the chat area works in real-time but users also have the option of reading the history if they come in later. As new concepts are uploaded, all members of the workspace are continuously updated by email.” Available immediately. PRWeb
  • TeamDirection Project 2007 Released … TeamDirection released TeamDirection Project 2007, a project and programme management add-in for Groove 2007 or SharePoint 2007. “TeamDirection Project 2007 is the latest version of its desktop software enabling project teams to stay in touch and synchronize their project data using Microsoft Windows SharePoint or Microsoft Office Groove 2007. TeamDirection Project Plus 2007 provides managers with the means to publish their projects to SharePoint or Groove-based task lists. The Plus version also supports two-way synchronization with Mindjet MindManager or Microsoft Project.“. It keeps project data synchronized with MindManager and Microsoft Project. Yahoo Finance, TeamDirection, John Milan
  • Monash University Goes IBM … Notes/Domino, Sametime and Quickplace for 60,000 staff, students and researchers around the world. “With the IBM solution, students, faculty and researchers will be able to work together on documents through Web conferences, team rooms and instant messaging. Collaboration across geographical barriers will be enhanced with email and instant messaging that can be integrated into existing activities or applications. In addition, mobile device such as handheld PCs and smart phones, will be enabled with email and instant messaging capabilities, enabling collaboration to take place anytime, anywhere.MarketWire
  • MindManager Add-in for Word 2007 … Mindjet released the Word 2007 Map Editor for Mindjet MindManager, which provides a way of sharing a MindManager map with people using Word 2007, and then getting changes back from them. “Word 2007 Map Editor for Mindjet MindManager enables business team members who do not yet use MindManager to use Word 2007 to access and edit information captured in MindManager visual “maps.” They can then send the edited Word document back to MindManager users, who will see these changes reflected in the original map.” Available immediately, at no charge. Mindjet


  • Mobile Devices in 2010 … Marc’s at NokiaWorld in Amsterdam, and he shares some of the predictions of Nokia’s CTO regarding mobile technology in 2010. Some of the device characteristics he offered included 3D cinema surround sound, projection capabilities, and 20-100 GB of storage. Wow. Marc Orchant
  • Nokia and Yahoo! Partnership Extension … Nokia and Yahoo! extended their mobile partnership, with the inclusion of Yahoo! services like Mail and Messenger to be bundled on new and forthcoming Nokia devices running Series 40. “Series 40 is the software user interface that powers Nokia’s broadest range of mobile devices. Intuitively easy-to use, the Series 40 platform enables a broad range of applications and features, including messaging, browsing, music and video standards as well as personal information management.Nokia
  • Quick Start Offer of BlackBerry for Notes/Domino Customers … Free BlackBerry Server, 10 free client access licenses, two months of free technical support. Available now, for a limited time. BlackBerry


  • iMindMap … Tony Buzan, inventor of mind mapping, released iMindMap, software for mind mapping and thus thinking. The literature claims significant benefits over other existing mind mapping software products on the market due to “infinite visual variety, portability, freedom, brain friendliness and effectiveness of traditional highly proven Mind Mapping techniques.” Yeah right. iMindMap
  • Three Steps to Greater Self-Discipline … Justin outlines three pathways to greater self-discipline: (1) make a “want” list and use it correctly to control spending (of time and money); (2) ask whether your decisions today will strengthen or weaken your life in 2 years; and (3) find a visual symbol of your goal and look at it regularly. Prometheus Institute
  • Propel’r Seeking Input … Propel’r, the new entrant that’s getting ready to release a Web-based application for GTD, is asking for product ideas for its forthcoming offering. Propel’r Blog
  • To Be More Productive, Take On More … Force yourself to be more productive and efficient with your time by … over-filling your day with a nearly impossible list of things to get done. It puts more pressure on performance in the moment. David’s going for the completion of 3 tasks a day. David Seah

Knowledge Management

  • YouTube on the Intranet … Jane advocates the use of a YouTube-type service on corporate intranets, for the sharing of knowledge and experience. “Then imagine a similar application on your intranet: people in different business units and countries around the world, making short videos where they talk about their countries, their work, their cultures. Making this material browsable for employees around the world could do a lot for helping people become aware of each other.Intranet Strategies by JME

Other Cool Stuff

  • The Heart of Bootstrapping … Super neat article in INC Magazine on the power of bootstrapping, and the use of “nothing” as a way of finding out what customers really want. So far he was just identifying an opportunity, like any other smart entrepreneur. But here’s where it gets interesting. Gianforte started trying to sell that nonexistent product. Armed with a data sheet outlining what such a product might do, Gianforte sat in a spare bedroom and cold-called customer-support managers at hundreds of companies. After talking them through the sheet, he told them that the product would be released in 90 days and asked whether they would use that type of software on their Web sites. If someone said no, he asked why. Sometimes the potential customer needed a feature that Gianforte hadn’t thought of. If he thought that he could deliver it in 90 days, he added it to the data sheet. Some might say that Gianforte was peddling vaporware — the much-criticized practice of hyping the imminent release of new software that is far from ready. Gianforte disagrees. The key is not to promise anything that can’t be delivered within the specified time frame. “You never want to lie to your customers,” he says. What he did, he says, is “really sales as a method of market research. It allows you to determine very quickly, without much money, if you have a viable business idea.” (I’m sure Rod will like this one.) INC.
  • Nice Pens! … Please remind me to visit this store when I visit New York next time. Joon Pens
  • Wow, Nice Lookups! … Here’s where the power of Google Spreadsheets really shines: Lookup formulas that find relevant information from the Web. Two new ones are =GoogleLookup (for finding numerical information from the Web, eg, the population of a city) and =GoogleFinance (for finding financial data from Google Finance). Kudos.Google Docs & Spreadsheets Blog
  • Registration for Web 2.0 Expo … Is Open! To be held April 15-18 2007 in San Francisco … you can register now. Web2Expo
  • David Maister’s Podcasts … That guru of professional services, David Maister, is podcasting. His latest missive is an interview with John Byrne, the Executive Editor of BusinessWeek. David Maister

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