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Daily Report, Dec 7

Team Collaboration

  • Lotus Sametime 7.5 Gateways … IBM released the IBM Lotus Sametime Gateway, for standards-based interoperability with AIM and Google Talk, with support for Yahoo Messenger on its way. IBM also announced support for the XMPP (Jabber) IM protocol. Support for Microsoft LCS is not currently available.
  • Hosted Xythos … Xythos Software released Xythos on Demand, a hosted edition of its secure file storage and collaboration offerings. Target market is SMB. “Xythos on Demand offers both individual and group accounts, including a free 30 day trial for either service. Ongoing monthly service costs as little as $4.95 per month for a single user account or $39.95 per month for a 10 user account. Customers can also increase storage and bandwidth quotas at any time. Like all Xythos technology, Xythos on Demand utilizes enterprise-class security for user authentication and file encryption, ensuring that organizations of all sizes can avoid the pitfalls of email-based file sharing and better protect their valuable information.BusinessWire
  • CollabraSuite 5.0, BEA Edition … CollabraSpace released the BEA Edition of Version 5.0 of CollabraSuite, its web-based collaboration service. It works in conjunction with BEA WebLogic Portal 9.2 and AquaLogic Interaction. “CollabraSuite, BEA Edition is designed to provide AquaLogic Interaction customers new alternatives for real-time collaboration … Video and web conferencing, white boarding, instant messaging and annotation are important capabilities that can complement the collaboration features already found in the AquaLogic User Interaction product line and can help provide our customers with best-of-breed collaboration.” Available immediately. prnewswire


  • Optitasking … John concludes that the power of his 48+12 or 50+10 optitasking approach is in the 12 or 10, not in the 48 or 50. “What can you do in twelve minutes that can make such a difference? You can get coffee, use the restroom, and stretch and relax. Or… You can also start another task! Another task that doesn’t require your attention for at least 48 minutes.Success Begins Today
  • Overcome Procrastination … Jim offers seven proven ways to beat procrastination: (1) do the worst task first, (2) break it down, (3) use a friend, (4) do the pleasant part of the task, (5) work on it for 15 minutes, (6) track it, and (7) reward or punish. Cultivate Greatness
  • Build Brain Brawn … Ririan outlines 22 ways to improve the performance of your brain, including physical and mental exercise, asking “why?”, eating fish, listening to good music, and more. “Remember that no matter what your age or your occupation; your brain needs to be constantly challenged to be at its peak in terms of performance. Whether it’s doing logic puzzles, memorizing lines from Shakespeare, or learning a new skill, keep your brain busy, if you don’t want it to rust away like a car in a junkyard.Ririan Project
  • GTD with a BlackBerry … The RIM people talked to the David Allen people about doing GTD with / on a BlackBerry. BlackBerry Connection

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