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Daily Report, Nov 29 (2)

Team Collaboration

  • Novell Exits the Hula … Novell has exited its support of Hula, the open-source messaging, calendaring and collaboration server it sponsored in the beginning. “Novell no longer has anyone working full-time on Hula. As a team we have spent some time looking at where the Hula project is and the opportunities in the market and in the end we had to conclude that we couldn’t justify investing at the same level in Hula going forward. So those of us who have been developing Hula full-time will be moving on to other roles and to other parts of the company.” Being open source, obviously others are free to keep going with it. There’s no official word yet in the form of a press release. Novell Discussion List on Hula (Hat tip, David)
  • Three Levels of Collaboration … Shawn proposes a three-way divide of collaboration in the enterprise: team collaboration (known players, defined outcome, defined duration, etc.), community collaboration (eg, collaboration on a shared domain or area of interest), and network collaboration. In my books, the first type is “collaboration” … ie, co-labouring / co-working toward a defined outcome, but I’m less sure about the second two; they feel too amorphous to me to have the title “collaboration” (because the outcome is amorphous). Anecdote
  • Takeover Rumors on Quest Software … The stock option investigation at Quest is leading some to speculate that it is ripe for acquisition. Quest purchased my favorite New Zealand company in January 2006 … that being Aftermail. Forbes
  • WebDialogs Unyte 2.0 … WebDialogs released Version 2.0 of Unyte, a document sharing, presentation giving, and remote application running Internet service. Free for one-to-one usage; priced at $30 per user per year for enhanced features. “Unyte can turn a chat, instant message or voice call into a collaborative session instantly. With Unyte, users can securely share documents, applications or their desktop to give a presentation, demonstrate software, negotiate a contract, view a photo, fix a PC or review their child’s homework while on the road. Users simply need a Web browser to host or view a Unyte session. There are no additional software or hardware requirements other than the Unyte tool itself. There are no downloads required to view a Unyte session.” Available immediately. WebDialogs


  • Followap Acquired for $139 Million … Followap announced that NeuStar acquired it for $139 million in cash. Followap is a provider of wireless instant messaging systems for carriers. NeuStar plans to use Followap to drive its growth in mobile, IP and international markets. Followap
  • LogicaCMG SMSC Update … LogicaCMG released the next version of its short messaging service center (carrier infrastructure for SMS / text services), with new interoperability capabilities for fixed and mobile instant messaging platforms. PRNewswire


  • Nick Duffill’s Webinar … Nick presented a webinar for Mindjet on “Visualizing Outcomes: Managing Simultaneous Projects with MindManager and ResultsManager”, and talked about the power of prioritizing the important, thinking about a to-do list the right way, using funnel time lines for project management, and the power of project dashboards. Eric Mack

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