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Daily Report, Nov 29

Team Collaboration

  • Messageware ActiveSend Personal … Messageware offers ActiveSend Personal, which makes it easier to send Office documents via Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access (eg, enables users to click “MailTo” within Office applications when connected via OWA), and also to access Office documents when offsite. Available immediately, at $34.95 per user. Messageware
  • Defense of “Enterprise 2.0” Naming … Steve Wylie, the new head of the previously called “Collaborative Technologies Conference” issued an explanation for CMP’s decision to re-brand the conference as “Enterprise 2.0”. He’s asking for feedback, either privately by email, or publicly on the CollaborationLoop blog. CollaborationLoop
  • Blogtronix vs. Suite Two … David weighs in on the impact of Intel’s Suite Two announcement (a collection of best-of-breed point solutions) vs. something like an integrated suite offered by a single vendor, in this case Blogtronix. “It may be that this is going to become a marketing and sales battle rather than a technical one, which is a pity for Blogtronix. It really is a David
    and Goliath situation. Blogtronix is a small team without a great deal of funding which works closely with customers.
    ” Perhaps this goes up as a data point that market competitiveness is defined by your allies and partners, not by going-it-alone. IWR
  • O3Spaces … O3Spaces B.V. released a namesake web-based team collaboration tool, for users of OpenOffice and StarOffice. Includes search, alert, messaging, and shared calendar capabilities, among others (workflow and discussion boards). It is an alternative to SharePoint and Microsoft Office. Linux Watch, WebKnowHow


  • RIM Strikes Visto in the UK … Research In Motion filed to have one of Visto’s European patents struck out. The European one is the parallel one to Visto’s US patent that is at the heart of Visto’s patent infringement suit against RIM. The Lawyer
  • OZ Secures $34 Million … OZ Communications, a provider of wireless email and instant messaging capabilities, raised $34 million of venture capital. OZ intends to use the funds for ongoing global expansion. OZ primarily focuses on the consumer market, not the RIM-dominated enterprise one., Reuters
  • Mobility at Simply Mail Solutions … Simply Mail Solutions, a UK-based email hosting company, extended the range of mobile phones it supports for access to its hosted email. “We have extended our support for mobiles to a wide range of mobile email capable devices such as Nokia N and E series, Sony Ericsson M and P series, Motorola RAZR, A and V and Palm OS.NewsWire Today


  • How to Complete Things on Time … It’s simple: set interim deadlines to the longer-term final deadline. Trizle
  • Use the Quiet Hours … “One thing in my own business life that has gave me a competitive edge in what I do, and increased my productivity in a huge way, is that I use normally quiet hours to get work done. I recently read in Brian Tracy’s book “Get Rich Your Own Way” that if you get into the office an hour before everyone else, work through your lunch hour and stay one hour later you will have three times the productivity.Stuart Crawford
  • 7 Leadership Challenges … Anthony Bell outlines seven ways that leaders handicap themselves in his new book, “Great Leadership”: (1) they operate from intuition and experience only; (2) they become leaders through technical competence; (3) they operate using skills that are not relevant for their current responsibilities; (4) they are not taught how to lead; (5) they stop learning in mid-life; (6) they lack a clear sense of purpose; and (7) they don’t know how to pass on what they know. Anthony provides a framework to overcome these seven handicaps. Gordon Whyte
  • Goal Setting Using 1+12 … Divide your year into four quarters of 13 weeks. In each quarter, spend the first planning, and the remaining 12 executing your plans. “Twelve weeks is ideal for so many goals. It works well for weight loss, financial, and productivity objectives. Twelve weeks is enough time to see real results without becoming discouraged. If we have shorter duration goals we can put multiple ones on the time line. Longer term goals work well when broken up into 12 week increments.” Cool idea. Success Begins Today

Other Cool Stuff

  • Benefits of Work/Life Balance … Both individuals and companies benefit from flexible working arrangements, eg, condensed work weeks, telecommuting, flexitime. ComputerWorld

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