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Daily Report, Dec 6

Team Collaboration

  • EMC Supports Microsoft Office 2007 … EMC announced that its product portfolio will support the new releases from Microsoft (Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange 2007). Its migration service for Exchange is being extended to cover 2007, it is helping customers get SharePoint 2007 working, and will integrate Documentum with SharePoint. EMC
  • BeInSync Pro 2.5 … BeInSync released Version 2.5 of its peer-to-peer file synchronization application, with new features for group sharing of files and documents with item-level access control. “BeInSync Pro Version 2.5 keeps documents in sync, backed up and easily shared across multiple computers, allowing users to have their data with them anytime, anywhere. BeInSync Pro 2.5 uses secure P2P file synchronization technology to create a private network consisting of the user’s own computers, eliminating the cost, storage limitations and privacy concerns involved in storing customer files on third-party servers. Users obtain data seamlessly and retrieve it immediately when turning on their PC without having to proactively go after each file.” Available immediately; for Windows only. BeInSync, with coverage at Small Business Computing


  • Mobile Email on Phones … Dan argues that many information workers can use a mobile phone for mobile email, rather than having to transition to a fully-fledged mobile email device. “For workers already proficient with Short Message Service (SMS) text messaging on their mobile handsets, the transition to email is fairly simple. Predictive text input software continues to improve, and existing versions make it easy to send basic messages very quickly. Telephones equipped with 2.5G data networking capabilities (GPRS, EDGE and 1xRTT) perform well with text-based emails, though attachments can prove problematic, especially on older devices.SearchMobileComputing
  • Esnatech support for RIM … Esna Technologies announced that its unified communication platform Telephony Office-LinX can be accessed via the RIM BlackBerry through its new UC Mobile Link software. “The new mobile application loads on the blackberry device and connects via IP to the Telephony office-LinX platform that is connected to both the enterprise PBX and e-mail platform. Users will have the ability to view their work groups and see who is online and available. With access to real time status they can then chose the best way to communicate with co-workers. This will dramatically improve the connectivity of the Blackberry users to their office environment and improve productivity by deliver anywhere anytime access to critical resources.” It also supports integration with Microsoft Live Communications Server. PRWeb


  • MindManager for Mac Update … Mindjet released an updated build of MindManager 6 for the Mac. It addresses various stability and performance issues. Mindjet
  • Improve Mental Fitness … Kelly shares a 10-step program for increased mental fitness: (1) think about the future, (2) create a five-year vision, (3) take a test every day, (4) think about your goals, (5) commit to excellence, (6) focus on results, (7) concentrate on solutions, (8) dedicate yourself to lifelong learning, (9) retire ten years early, and (10) do it now! E-articles
  • Top 5 Time Wasters … Watch out for these … (1) TV, (2) commuting time, (3) internet browsing, (4) being tired, and (5) lack of skill. Productive Strategies

Other Cool Stuff

  • Enterprise IT as “Culture of Complexity” … Jeff writes “The Culture of Complexity is an anecdotal set of observations I have made over the years about how big enterprise software vendors have increasingly been unable to “do anything simple”. It’s not that there are teams of seasoned developers sitting around suggesting ways to make things more complex, but there is a pervasive culture in these companies that values complexity over simplicity as proxy for “value creation”. The belief is that a complex technology stack represents a competitive barrier and the ability to lock in customers, and quite honestly it has worked as a strategy.” Jeff suggests a simplification movement is in order. Jeff Nolan
  • Enterprise IT Needs to be More “Fun” … “In the good old days, when I first started working in enterprise IT, we had a lot of fun. We were working with exciting new technology and the rest of the organization held us in high regard because we were helping them use computers to make their jobs easier. We worked long hours, but it did not bother us because we were receiving positive strokes from people at all levels in the organization. Fast forward two or three decades and we find ourselves living in a very different enterprise IT world. Cost cutting, outsourcing, organizational politics, and other constraints have taken away most of the fun. I suspect a high percentage of enterprise ITers would probably choose a different career path if they could go back and start their careers over.” Bruce has some ideas to get back to the “fun” in IT. IT Today

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