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Daily Report, Nov 22

Team Collaboration

  • SNAPPS QDoc … SNAPPS, an IBM Business Partner, released QDoc, an enhanced basic template for Lotus QuickPlace (a team collaboration product). “QDoc is free, open-source code developed and maintained by SNAPPS (the official IBM Design Partner for QuickPlace) in cooperation with IBM. Technically speaking, it contains a number of innovations that are quite interesting to developers for their own Domino and QuickPlace applications – so taking it apart will be fun. For users, it gives QuickPlace a great new look and a very responsive and intuitive interface, enabled with Ajax controls. We’ve used some of the same technology that is going into QuickPlace 8.0, but you can deploy it today on QuickPlace 7.” Available immediately. SNAPPS, and see also this screenshot
  • CTC 2007 Renamed … CMP Media renamed the “Collaborative Technologies Conference” for 2007 to the “Enterprise 2.0 Conference”. “Formerly known as the Collaborative Technologies Conference, the Enterprise 2.0 Conference is the industry’s first and only event to explore how technology can open up new ways to work and drive business agility. With thought-provoking plenaries, strategic and practical sessions, in-depth workshops, and real-life case studies, this event helps attendees leverage the technical, productive and social aspects of IT and workgroup environments to build a cohesive collaboration strategy and empower a connected workforce. The Enterprise 2.0 Conference is the only industry event that explains how to effectively integrate collaborative capabilities with existing applications while addressing security, compliance and network impact issues.” Personally I preferred the former name. EarthTimes
  • OEM Version of Documentum … ECM Corp. released an OEM version of its Documentum content management system. “Documentum OEM Edition enables software developers to rapidly and easily implement Documentum as the content management foundation for any type of application that handles content, from accounts payable and contracts management applications to vertical applications in life sciences, aerospace, financial services and energy. It offers the same unified architecture, compatibility and functionality — including security, scalability and support for distributed environments — as the EMC Documentum enterprise content management platform that customers have come to rely on.” Available by year end 2006. ComputerWorld, Yahoo Finance
  • Itensil Team Activity Manager … Itensil opened its Early Adopter Program for its workflow-rich wiki offering. “Itensil Team Activity Manager combines a to-do list for your left brain with free-form collaboration for your right brain. Just the right balance of flexibility and structure for ad hoc teams to handle unpredictable situations.” You have to apply for the EAP. Itensil, with analysis by Rod
  • Zimbra Adding IM … Zimbra will add presence and instant messaging capabilities to its Web-based email and calendaring software next year. CNET News
  • BlueTie TieIn … BlueTie released TieIn, an interface that permits resllers and hosting partners to (a) manage and support customers, and (b) integrate other services into the BlueTie email and calendaring service. “TieIn combines a Web-based Extranet for centralized provisioning, private-labeling and administration with an XML-based Web services API for custom development and mash-ups. These tools enable partners to instantly manage all of their customers and extend BlueTie in new ways.BlueTie


  • When Fewer Choices is Good … “When it comes to managing yourself, you can increase your efficiency by making it a point to decide on your sequence of actions ahead of time or by using some simple rule system. By doing this you’ll be able to concentrate on actual productive work instead of spending your effort trying to make decisions about what to do next.Productive Strategies
  • Tell the Truth … “Sometimes you can profit by a lie, but it is like dodging bullets; you never know when you are going to get hurt. Lying is a game. Sometimes it is a very exciting game. But it is essentially gambling. And gambling, any sort of gambling, is not business.Selling Power

Knowledge Management

  • Kroll Ontrack Acquired Engenium … Kroll Ontrack acquired Engenium, a provider of search products for the enterprise. “Engenium’s technology enhances the search capabilities of Ontrack® Inview™, the company’s award-winning review tool, by providing both concept searching and topic review features that produce time and cost savings for electronic discovery clients.BusinessWire

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