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Daily Report, Dec 20

Team Collaboration

  • Informative Graphics Net-It Central 7.0 … Informative Graphics released Version 7.0 of Net-It Central, a solution for document sharing. “Net-It Central makes finding and sharing documents-policies and procedures, reports, job postings, manuals and more-easy and convenient. Users simply save documents to a monitored directory using the source application, like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, and Net-It Central detects and converts the new or updated file to PDF, Flash or CDL as part of a content searchable document library. Net-It Central is simple and has full interoperability with other intranet and/or portal solutions.” Available immediately. ThomasNet
  • Scalix and SugarCRM in Outlook … Scalix and SugarCRM announced an integration between their products for customers using Microsoft Outlook as the front end. “By using the Sugar Plug-In for Microsoft Outlook, Scalix and SugarCRM can create their own mini-software stack behind a familiar Outlook look-and-feel. The plug-in lets users synchronize shared information — such as contacts, calendar items and tasks — between the Scalix mail server and SugarCRM software. They also can use rule-based synchronization of named customer contacts, messages and appointments.” Available immediately. CRN
  • SAIC Goes SiteScape … SiteScape announced that SAIC has embraced its Forum ZX product, an integrated real-time and non-real-time collaboration solution for teams. SAIC is a long term customer, and an investor in the company. SiteScape (PDF)
  • CalConnect Roundtable 8 … The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium is holding its 8th roundtable Jan 31-Feb 2 2007 in Provo UT. Novell is the host. The focus: “Interoperability testing will comprise multiple scenarios including CalDAV server and client testing, Min-IOP testing, and iCalendar, iTIP, iMIP interoperability testing. A special series of tests is planned for Extended Daylight Savings Time support, to go into effect in March of 2007.CalConnect
  • Jive Clearspace … Jive announced Clearspace, a forthcoming platform for enterprise customers to facilitate team collaboration. Supports blogs, wikis and document sharing, and information is organized by topic. Users can also see if other colleagues and co-workers are online or not. CNET News. CNET also has three screen shots.


  • Last Minute Meetings … Seven ideas for surviving the hassle of having to organize a meeting at the last minute, including (1) question the meeting need, (3) develop checklists, and (7) learn to laugh. ConnectIT

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