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Daily Report, Dec 16

Team Collaboration

  • Tech Coolness only One Decision Factor … Irwin at Nemertes reports on recent discussions with enterprise customers about adoption of wiki/blog/RSS technology from new entrants vs. collaborative technology from larger vendors. “Enterprises we’ve spoken with would, by and large, rather deploy tools from known organizations that can easily be integrated into other office productivity applications, rather than deploy unknown applications or open source platforms without an enterprise support vehicle.” I don’t understand why he’s surprised by these findings. CollaborationLoop
  • Bertorello SkySpace … Bertorello released SkySpace, a social networking add on for Skype. “The application enables users to share files like photos and videos, both privately to another user or publicly to the broader community. Users can also personalize their SkySpace homepage, which the company says will jump-start social connections. The application appears to be Skype-certified, and is available in the Skype’s extra’s page.Bertorello (PDF), with coverage at GigaOM
  • BuildOnline and Citadon Merge … BuildOnline and Citadon announced a definitive merger agreement, for the creation of CTSpace, a new firm to focus on the online delivery of collaboration software. “CTSpace’s web-based collaboration, business process management and document management solutions allow companies to automate and streamline communications between departments, offices, companies, and countries — without purchasing costly hardware or software. The SaaS model ensures customers running business-critical projects benefit from a faster turnaround, increased accountability, reduced risk, and cost
  • ThinkFree Offline … ThinkFree is developing an offline edition of its office productivity suite, which will enable people to take their documents and spreadsheets offline and re-sync them when they are online again. This ability will be in the for-fee edition of ThinkFree. CNET News


  • Palm Licenses Palm OS … Palm announced a licensing agreement with ACCESS Systems, for perpetual access to the Palm OS. “The new agreement also provides Palm flexibility to use Palm OS Garnet in whole or in part in any Palm product, and together with any other system technologies. The company plans to ensure that applications now compatible with Palm OS Garnet will operate with little or no modification in future Palm products that employ Palm OS Garnet as the company evolves it over time to support Palm’s product differentiation strategy.Palm, and definitely see Jon’s analysis here and here.


  • Be Careful About Re-Deciding Too Often … David shares some thoughts about staying the course. “There’s a term for all this that some other people, especially those in software design: the point comes in every project when you must “freeze the design.” I now understand the power of that, and the wastefulness that results from constantly shifting priorities and work tasks. Weatherup’s rules are invaluable: Be ready to make changes only if it’s truly worth going back and redesigning the entire strategy of what you’re up to. Have a slow yes and a fast no. Brutally eliminate off-strategy activities.David Maister
  • Give the Gift of Time … Good reminders from Ian … “This season, give a gift that costs nothing because it is priceless. Make time on your schedule next year for family, friends and the community.Ian’s Messy Desk

Knowledge Management

  • HandySoft OfficeEngine … HandySoft Global Corp. announced OfficeEngine, a business process management application. It includes Intellext Watson, for dynamically finding relevant information for the current user. “OfficeEngine is a breakthrough application that enables knowledge workers to create, assign, sub-delegate, track and execute mission critical work in real time. OfficeEngine models and displays work in real time as it unfolds. What was once a series of disjointed peer-to-peer emails is now a single, centralized dashboard, clearly illustrating the journey of all work items from creation, to assignment, to sub-delegation, to completion — including all individuals involved, all collaboration, all attachments and all related status information. OfficeEngine uses Intellext’s Watson technology to interpret the business context of each task assigned, and then automatically search internal and external information sources — desktop files, content management systems, knowledge management systems, learning management systems, resource scheduling systems, employee performance management systems and the Web. The solution proactively displays documents, presentations, and content that is most likely to assist the knowledge worker in completing his/her task.Yahoo Finance

Other Stuff

  • OmniPlan … The Omni Group posted Version 1.0 of OmniPlan, its new project management tool for Mac OS X users. “With OmniPlan you can break down tasks, optimize the resources needed for your project, control various costs, and monitor your entire project at a glance. It features include easy task entry, in-depth resource management, a scheduling system for tasks and resources, visual timelines (Gantt charts), violation notifications and end-date reminders, critical path highlighting, and multiple options for sharing data.MacMinute
  • Apple Mail for GTD … Nice analysis of some steps to take to gain control over your Apple Mail inbox. Koru Productions
  • Images of New Zealand … Microsoft NZ has a number of wallpaper pictures showing the beauty of New Zealand. They work just as well on a Mac, BTW! Microsoft

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