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Daily Report, Dec 19

Team Collaboration

  • PleaseReview 3.2 … Extract of an email from PleaseTech. “Yes – we are working on PleaseReview 3.2 which will be released by the end of January. On the list is document comparison, review linking, a review toolbar and support for sequential reviews. Movies will be available early in the new year so watch this space.PleaseTech
  • Case Studies of Google Docs & Spreadsheets … Numerous 1-3 paragraph testimonies of how Google Docs & Spreadsheets is helping people out. Eg, “In fact communication can be so confusing some lines never emerge. Google Docs & Spreadsheets has been a revolution to us. We can write copy on a Google document and get several people to proof it together, saving us hours.Google
  • Lotus Presence Increasing … Presence from Lotus Sametime will be extended so that it can display in Microsoft Office documents and Outlook, beginning 1Q2007. This is part of IBM’s push to make Sametime presence an infrastructure service, rather than just an application service. “Right now, IBM Lotus users have access to presence inside Lotus itself. For example, if you’re using Lotus Notes, you can see whether the authors of a document are online, and you can initiate an IM session or Web conference with them. IBM’s decision to embed presence outside in Microsoft’s applications will, for the first time, offer this convenience outside the Lotus environment.Line56
  • Case Studies on Wikis … Two case studies on the use of wikis by non-profits. Eg, Johnson Center … is using a wiki for organizing a July 2007 conference. All information (potential and confirmed speakers, decision documentation, and a to-do list) are in the wiki. TechSoup (hat tip, CourseForum
  • Google Apps for Education Win … Lakehead University signed up for the hosted Google Apps for Education for its 38,000 student, faculty, staff and alumni. “The three-year arrangement with Google gives Lakehead University enhanced services for email, calendaring, and instant messaging; one of the quickest delivery times on record; and a very stable system based on Google’s record of performance. Most important to account holders, each Google user is getting 2 GB of storage space, compared with 60 MB with the previous email system. This means that each user has virtually no limit on storage capacity. The partnership is also planned for growth, which means that Lakehead University is reassured of continued service from Google no matter how large Lakehead grows.” They expect to save $8-$9 million over the three years of the agreement. Lakehead University
  • Hosted SharePoint 2007 … introduced hosted SharePoint 2007. To date it has been an Exchange hosting provider. WebHosting


  • Pearl Rules … Mike likes the new BlackBerry Pearl, and suggests it is the “smartphone of the future”. “The Pearl is just such a groundbreaking, genre-killing, trend-setting device. And although the Pearl is getting rave reviews, its full impact has not yet registered with the pundits or the public. It will. This phone is destined for fame and glory.ComputerWorld


  • 50 Writing Strategies … From 2001, an oldie but a goodie. “Work avoidance is one of the major paradoxes of the writing profession. Generally, writers want to write (or want to have written), but all too often we find ourselves doing anything else but. We’ll mow lawns, do the dishes, polish silverware–anything to keep from facing the blank page. At the same time we know we eventually have to get to work, so we come up with all sorts of strategies for forcing ourselves to the keyboard.Jerry Oltion
  • 10 Success Strategies … Ten things to do to jump start success, including (1) read something motivational everyday, (2) keep a journal of daily progress, (3) make goals and re-write them daily, and 7 more! Marcus Vorwaller

Other Stuff

  • 15 Proposed Changes in Mac OS X … Two writers at ComputerWorld outline 15 things they think Apple should change in Mac OS X. ComputerWorld

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