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Daily Report, Dec 12

Team Collaboration

  • Socialtext Unplugged … Socialtext released Socialtext Unplugged, for offline editing of wiki pages with synchronization abilities when a network connection is re-established. “Synchronization isn’t a completely automated process, but that’s by design. In situations where two offline workers enter conflicting changes, human intervention is necessary to figure out which should take precedence.” Wow, major kewl. Ross Mayfield, InformationWeek (hat tip, Peter)
  • Reuters Data Center Upgrade … Reuters upgraded the data center that hosts its Reuters Messaging service over the weekend. “Reuters will be upgrade to a new data centre to enhance the quality of service and provide a platform for upcoming capabilities, such as connectivity to Yahoo! Messenger, and future enhancements such as mobile access and voice/video over IP services. Depending on your current environment, action may be required to ensure a smooth migration to the new data centre and uninterrupted service.Reuters
  • Sametime for Dummies … No, it’s not a statement of the intended target market (howevermuch Microsoft might like you to think so), but IBM has released “IBM Lotus Sametime for Dummies”, available for free in PDF and print. “Chock-full of insight and loaded with practical information on how to use the latest release of Lotus Sametime, this 73-page book focuses on using Lotus Sametime’s instant messaging, web conferencing and presence awareness features to help streamline any organization’s communications.IBM
  • Sametime 7.5 Gateway on WebSphere … The new Sametime 7.5 Gateway isn’t a Notes/Domino play. “Lotus Sametime Gateway is a platform based on IBM WebSphere Application Server, which provides failover, clustering, and scalability for your Lotus Sametime Gateway deployment. WebSphere Application Server V6.1 is part of the Lotus Sametime Gateway installation package. Protocol connectors allow your instant messaging community to connect with other communities. Lotus Sametime Gateway ships with several protocol connectors, including a SIP connector that works with AOL and an External Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) connector that works with Google Talk, so you can connect with other communities right out-of-the-box. You can add more protocol connectors to Lotus Sametime Gateway to extend your community even further.IBM developerWorks
  • … as is Activity Explorer … “I hope this makes it crystal clear that Activities is not a Notes/Domino application. It runs on WebSphere Application Server, it requires WebSphere Application Server, and it has the characteristics of a WebSphere application. Notes 8 (the Eclipse version) will be able to run it, much like Notes 7 can run browser


  • The Art of the Finish … Keith has 12 rules to help people finish the projects they start: (1) don’t start what you can’t finish, (2) know the goal at all times, (3) know your role at all times, (4) have a project leader that makes the final decision, (5) prioritize and focus, (6) tackle the small stuff first, (7) communicate constantly, (8) find time to work without distractions, (9) chip away, (10) don’t get hung up on mistakes, (11) perfect is the enemy of done, and (12) know when to quit. Blue Flavor

Knowledge Management

  • Sharing Knowledge … Denham writes “Knowledge sharing is the primary, most basic knowledge practice – without a sharing ethos, much of KM promise fails. So what exactly is knowledge sharing all about? …. There are formal avenues such as lessons learned, after action reviews, learning histories, project reviews, meeting notes and more. Of equal, (perhaps greater) value, are the less formal exchanges such as mentoring, coaching, copying, observing, ethnography, dialog and the proverbial water cooler conversations where heuristics are swapped, stories get told, exceptions are handled and solutions are given or explored.” He then outlines a number of practices for knowledge sharing. Knowledge-at-work

Other Cool Stuff

  • How to Be Interesting … From his two fundamental principles (“the way to be interesting is to be interested” and “interesting people are good at sharing”), Russell outlines 10 rules for being more interesting to others. Russell Davies

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