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Daily Report, Dec 13

Team Collaboration

  • TimeToMeet … TimeToMeet is an online service for finding a common time to meet with others. “It works for meetings of two and/or of group of people. TimeToMeet can manage time zone differences, so it’s also useful for scheduling international phone calls. When you create a meeting with TimeToMeet, every participant receives a personal link that can be used to access TimeToMeet and respond to your request. Using a simple scheduling interface, TimeToMeet will ask everyone for times when they are available, meaning: when it’s most convenient for them to meet. As everyone replies, TimeToMeet calculates the overlap and notifies you so that you can confirm a final time.” Supports importing and synchronizing of appointments with the user’s main calendar. The service is free. World Tech Logic
  • Skelta BPM.NET … Skelta announced that the next release of Skelta BPM.NET, its workflow engine, will offer extended integration with SharePoint 2007, Exchange 2007, and Vista. “Skelta’s support for the 2007 Microsoft Office system goes much beyond technical integration – new functionality planned for the product are designed to take full advantage of Vista’s rich interfaces and capabilities of Office 2007. The release for 2007 Office has a strong emphasis on usability and aims to completely simplify process management for business users.Skelta
  • Office Communications Server 2007 Beta … Microsoft released Office Communications Server 2007 into private beta. “Office Communications Server 2007, the successor to Microsoft Live Communications Server 2005, is part of Microsoft’s unified communications portfolio. Companies using Office Communications Server 2007 can deploy enterprisewide presence; enable security-enhanced enterprise instant messaging; host on-premise audio, video and Web conferences; and deploy VoIP capabilities. Some of the capabilities available in the private beta of Office Communications Server 2007 are placing and receiving voice calls; advanced call routing; streamlined integration with the new unified messaging capabilities in Exchange Server 2007; multiparty conferencing; call holding, forwarding and transferring; and compliance capabilities, all while working in concert with existing telephony infrastructure.Microsoft
  • Control IM … Regulatory drivers are working nicely for Symantec’s instant messaging protection business. “Symantec’s recent research shows that 39 per cent of businesses don’t back up instant messaging and VoIP communications, while roughly the same figure admit to having have either been unable to produce data records of conversations when requested, or they know of other companies that have been in a similar situation. But 80 per cent said that they were aware of an increased focus on legal and regulatory requirements in their industry sector. Legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley and the Basel II directive on European corporate governance will put businesses in a tight spot unless they start managing their messaging properly.IT Pro


  • Cisco/Orative is a Done Deal … The acquisition of privately-held Orative Corp. by Cisco has closed. “With the close of the transaction, the Orative team and product portfolio are now integrated into Cisco’s Voice Technology Group.Wireless Workforce Online
  • No BlackJack for You … RIM sued Samsung over the naming of its recently released Windows Mobile-powered, keyboard toting mobile device. “RIM is basically saying the name is too close for comfort and that some people could unknowingly buy a BlackJack, when they actually wanted a Blackberry.TG Daily
  • $25 Million in Advertising from Palm … Palm launched a $25 million worldwide marketing campaign (centered in Europe and the US, however), designed to lift the fortunes of its Treo line of smartphones. “The campaign, which was developed by AKQA, will use the tagline “Not just a cell phone. A Treo.” It will show people what life is like with a Treo smartphone, and remind them that they don’t have to look for an Internet cafe to access the information they want while on the go.BrightHand
  • More Balanced, or More Compulsive? … Do mobile devices lead to greater work/life balance, or increased compulsion in staying connected? A recent survey found that C-level executives are split on this: “Nearly 80 percent of executives say they use mobile devices such as a Blackberry or Treo to stay connected. Executives are split on whether these types of tech gadgets improve or impede work-life balance: 56 percent say technology tools have improved juggling work and personal time, but 44 percent say they haven’t.IT News (Australia)


  • Do Less … Great reminder from Mark about the importance of the important … “Time management usually concentrates on doing more with your time. At least once in awhile, we should concentrate on doing less. Over time we tend to acquire a bunch of baggage of things we feel we need to do. By eliminating some of our current activities, we can increase the amount of time we have available to concentrate on the things that are really important to us.Productive Strategies
  • It’s Everyday … “I’m much more interested in making each day the best it can be. I’ve got today, and what happens today will ultimately manifest into what shows up in my life… I don’t have a countdown like our Olympic athletes do, but I can use their motto. It’s not just once a lifetime, it’s every day of that lifetime…Jason Womack

Other Cool Stuff

  • Tris on PodTech … Wow, Tris has yet another blog! He’s now a contributing writer at PodTech. PodTech

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