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Daily Report, Dec 14

Team Collaboration

  • gMigrate to Move to Google … CompanionLink Software released gMigrate, to help people migrate data from desktop calendars to Google Calendar. “gMigrate moves data from calendars in Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Palm Desktop and Novell GroupWise to the user’s Google Calendar account. The solution offers a simple, one screen interface. The user provides their Google Calendar login information and selects which desktop calendar system they currently use. With the click of one button, all their appointments, reminders and notes are transferred from their desktop calendar to their Google Calendar.” Available immediately, at no charge. MarketWire
  • Knowledge Network Directional Change … Microsoft announced a change in direction for its Knowledge Network add-on to SharePoint 2007. Knowledge Network is a new Pillar 7 offering from Microsoft. Anyhoo, “We are announcing a change to the distribution and support model for KN. Our new plan is to release KN as a Technical Preview rather than as a supported product feature of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. As a Technical Preview, KN will still be available to customers as a web download at no additional cost and will include documentation and community support. However, Technical Previews are not supported or covered by standard product support services or warranties. We appreciate all the enthusiasm and interest in KN from so many of you. We’ve also heard feedback that KN should be integrated into the core Office Client and Server products rather than distributed as a separate component. Responding to this feedback, Microsoft has decided to distribute KN as a Technology Preview in this release and to review the KN feature set for inclusion in future releases of the Office system.Microsoft Knowledge Network Team Blog (hat tip, Mike)
  • Five Infrastructure Strategies for 2006 … SearchSMB reviews its top 5 infrastructure strategies for small and medium sized businesses during the past year: (1) business process management, (2) SOX compliance, (3) open source adoption, (4) intranets for productivity and knowledge sharing, and (5) unified messaging. SearchSMB
  • WebEx WebOffice in Australia … WebEx WebOffice is being re-sold through Delta Edge in Australia, and its hosted service is called Work Connect. “In Australia Delta Edge is WebEx’s authorised Web Office reseller providing the service under the Work Connect brand, which includes local services and support. Work Connect brings together powerful, professional web-based business tools, including document sharing, online calendar, business class email, group calendar & scheduling, online databases, online meetings, web conferencing services and more – all specifically designed to make collaboration easy and cost-effective. Everything you need to run your office or project online is together in a secure centralised workplace, delivered as a totally online managed service with no software or servers to install or support.Work Connect
  • ConVista 1.2 … ConVista released Version 1.2 of ConVista Design Collaborator, an online document and real-time drawing service. New features: new tabbed interface, multiple document support in a meeting, new tools to focus on specific items, and wider file format support. Available immediately. e-releases


  • iPhone vs. BlackBerry … Is the rumoured iPhone a threat to adoption of the RIM BlackBerry? What would you go for? My iPhone
  • Sprint on Technology + Productivity … Sprint released the findings of its 2006 productivity survey. “The results show nearly all wireless phone subscribers (93 percent) bring work-related mobile phones on vacation, the majority of Americans say they have achieved work-life balance (73 percent) and are more productive today than two years ago (67 percent). Most respondents (84 percent) report technology is vital to their productivity. Specifically, 35 percent say they could not accomplish what they do without technology. An equal number report they would accomplish much less without technology, and 14 percent report they would accomplish nearly the same.” Sprint even asked people to define what productivity means to them, and results were split across six definitions. Sprint. You can also take Sprint’s How Productive Are You? online quiz (just be warned that the definition of productivity implied in the quiz may be very different from your definition). The key results are available as a PDF.
  • Leaving Your Phone Behind … People are leaving their phones, PDAs and smartphones in taxis at an alarming rate. “According to a recent survey by mobile device security vendor Pointsec …. during the past six months, roughly 12,000 devices were left in cabs in the San Francisco-Oakland Bay area and the Washington D.C.-Baltimore area.” People leave laptops in taxis much less frequently. Search Mobile Computing


  • Get a Good Sleep at Night … Are you feeling cranky today because you didn’t get sufficient sleep last night? Suzane offers 11 tips to help with sleeping well. Suzane
  • Get a Good Attitude … If attitude is more important than aptitude, how do we cultivate a great attitude. Some ideas: (1) you can learn to be more positive; (2) certain styles of thinking will lead to optimism; (3) be flexible and focus on the things you can change; (4) embrace uncertainty; (5) keep a journal; and (6) focus on strength. Selling Power

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