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Daily Report, Dec 15

Team Collaboration

  • Collanos Workplace 1.0 Released … Collanos released Version 1.0 of Collanos Workplace, its team-collaboration application for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms. Enables users to create workplaces to share with friends and colleagues, and then share documents, hold discussions, and assign tasks. Available immediately; for free. There a premium editions coming. Collanos
  • Convenos Skype Integration … Convenos released an integration for Skype 3.0, enabling users to launch Convenos online meetings directly from the Skype contact list. “With the Convenos Meeting Center Extra, users can now launch meetings directly from within Skype, easily displaying, sharing and editing files and documents in an online meeting with one or more users whenever they want. This means business users can also move seamlessly from a Skype chat or conversation directly into a collaborative web meeting via Convenos Meeting Center.Convenos
  • Drag-and-Drop in Google Docs & Spreadsheets … Google announced that users of Firefox can now open documents stored on the Web directly with Google Docs & Spreadsheets, without having to first download it to the desktop and upload it to Google. There’s also a new drag-and-drop feature. Available immediately. Google Docs & Spreadsheets Blog
  • IBM Workplace Messaging Shot … IBM announced the withdrawal of IBM Workplace Messaging from the market, effective January 2007 (for some) and September 2008 (for others). “On or after these dates, you can no longer obtain the withdrawn products directly from IBM. They may be obtained on an as-available basis through IBM authorized remarketers.IBM (hat tip, Volker)
  • WebEx and Yahoo Messenger … WebEx released a plug-in for Yahoo! Messenger that enables users to co-browse a web site. “WebEx is always looking for new ways to enable people to collaborate and embrace the Web 2.0 revolution. With the WebEx co-browsing plug-in, we are extending that reach beyond meetings and training into the everyday instant messaging session.” It’s free. WebEx


  • Linux on Mobile Devices? … David reviews the chances of Linux as a competitor against Microsoft and Symbian for market share on mobile devices. It is today largely missing in action, but will that change going forward? ComputerWorld
  • Skype 2.2 Beta for Windows Mobile … Skype released the Beta of Version 2.2 of Skype for Windows Mobile devices. New features: enhanced today/home screen, proxy support, and support for additional devices. Available immediately. Skype (hat tip, Kevin)


  • Twitter Your Way to Oblivion … A good warning from Kathy that services that deliver constant distraction, such as Twitter, are bad for productivity and effectiveness. I *love* this diagram … Kathy Sierra
  • Jason Womack Going Solo … Wow, Jason Womack is leaving the David Allen Company and going solo starting January 1. “So, in the spirit of the California Adventure, I have signed up for my own change! After 6 years, more than 600 flights, too many nights in hotels to count, and over 500 days of presenting Getting Things Done seminars, it’s time to take a break. Starting January 1, I’ll start working for myself for the first time in my life.” Wow. All the best Jason! Jason’s Blogs

Other Stuff

  • Zune to Fail? … David argues that because Microsoft is pumping more money into marketing the Zune, rather than improving it, it’s going to die. ComputerWorld
  • Macs in Business … “When I’m at conferences or in any group of people I can’t help but take a quick survey of macs vs. windows laptops and consistently it runs about 50/50, which is obviously out of spectrum for the broader market but should nonetheless be very concerning for Microsoft because Apple’s quarterly data does point to a considerable degree of switching going on. At Teqlo we give the option of a Mac or a Windows laptop and interestingly enough it’s also about 50/50.Jeff
  • Foldera = Vaporware? … SaaS-a-fras-er asked “Is Foldera Vaporware?”, and Oliver Starr from Foldera responds. SaaS-a-fras

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