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Daily Report, Nov 9

Team Collaboration

  • SharePoint is a “Must-Have” … Jim at Microsoft Watch writes that “Listed ostensibly as a component of Office, SharePoint is actually much more. You can make a very good argument that SharePoint is now the core platform on which almost all Microsoft-based web, SOA, BPM, ecommerce, content management, collaboration and of course portal initiatives will be built. In my initial tests of the early beta of SharePoint Server 2007 I saw some of this but as I’ve begun testing the more recent releases it’s become much clearer that SharePoint will be the one must have product released this year for any Microsoft-centric business. And based on my tests so far, I am impressed.Microsoft Watch
  • Intel SuiteTwo … Intel released SuiteTwo, a suite of business Internet applications. “The integrated suite, a family of interconnected services combined to improve productivity and enable high-engagement marketing, is comprised of business Web 2.0 capabilities from leading software companies, including Six Apart, Socialtext, NewsGator, SimpleFeed and SpikeSource.” The suite will run on Linux and Microsoft Windows Servers. BusinessWire. Ross from Socialtext is very pleased.
  • FaceTime and WebEx … FaceTime joined the WebEx Connect program, with the delivery of a branded version of FaceTime’s instant messaging management platform. “The WebEx Advanced Auditor Powered by FaceTime will provide full-capture recording, archival and auditing, and comprehensive malware protection against worms, viruses, spyware and SpIM for all instant
    messaging conversations and file transfers conducted over WebEx Connect.
  • Microsoft Office 2007 is Almost Ready … It’s gone across for manufacturing (stuff in boxes). Intention is for worldwide availability on November 30 for business customers, and for consumer customers in early 2007. Microsoft (hat tip, Peter). Unsurprisingly, Microsoft wants customers to deploy both at the same time, and soon, thank you very much. Improved OS security is proposed as a key reason for doing so.
  • TimeBridge Gets $6 Million … TimeBridge announced $6 million in funding from the Mayfield Fund and Norwest Venture Partners. StartupSquad. And they’re happy with the Web 2.0 label.
  • Zoho Updates … Zoho changed to a new server infrastructure underlying ZohoSheet, its online spreadsheet. Aim was for increased speed and performance. Zoho Projects, its online project management system, was also upgraded with optional skins, Safari support, and the ability to see internal and external milestones on the same page, among others. Available immediately (no download and installation required … it’s SaaS … so it just works automagically!).


  • Teneros for Mobility Environments … Teneros released a new line of its iSeries email continuity appliances, with added support for mobile and archiving applications hanging off an Exchange Server. It keeps servers from RIM and Good going even if Microsoft Exchange falls over. prnewswire
  • NootMobile … Knewtrino released NootMobile, its breaking news delivery service. “NootMobile is a mobile instant messaging and information delivery service for next-generation smartphones and mobile devices. It provides mobile access to the most popular instant messaging communities including AOL Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger and Google Talk. Unlike other mobile instant messaging services, the NootMobile Beta service is accessed through a mobile web browser and requires no software download.WebKnowHow


  • Lincoln’s Telegraph Rules … Tom reflects on how President Lincoln used telegrams for effective wartime communication. Key ideas: (1) the telegram was lower in priority than face-to-face interaction; (2) choose the right words to convey your message; (3) brevity beats the alternative; (4) be frank and direct … don’t beat around the bush; (5) be careful about what you send; and more. Mr Lincoln’s T-Mails
  • Be a Better Team Player … “With 8 out of 10 staff resentful about freeloading colleagues and 1 in 4 of all jobseekers including significant lies in their CVs its no wonder organizational teams are struggling!” The answer: choose to become an ideal team player, and sometimes that means challenging people about their behaviors and intentions. Bioteams
  • Do You Want a Perfect Life? … “Write down what your life would look like if it was perfect…then ask yourself what steps do I have to take to make this dream come true. Are you willing to pay the price for a perfect life?Grand Negre

Knowledge Management

  • Inxight and Business Objects … Inxight Software announced a technology partnership with Business Objects, for federated search and text analytics in the BusinessObjects XI platform. “The combination of Inxight SmartDiscovery™ and BusinessObjects XI Release 2 brings together the universes of structured and unstructured data into a common data warehouse. This allows BusinessObjects XI users to incorporate unstructured data sources – such as customer support emails, call reports, online chat, news articles, and blog content – in their analytics. Used together, the Inxight and Business Objects solution enables customers to quickly search and find the reports and metrics they need, with secure access to all BI content and data. Contextual navigation filters and document summary previews help users quickly pinpoint relevant results.Inxight

Other Cool Stuff

  • Inxight Search Extender for Google Desktop … Inxight Software introduced Inxight Search Extender for Google Desktop, which improves the result set from Google Desktop by extracting key information. “Search results … are automatically clustered on-the-fly, enabling users to filter their result sets by the people, companies, places, concepts, and other information contained within them.” The add-in is free. For Windows XP or 2000. Inxight, plus there’s a 2 page PDF
  • Eric, another bites the dust (cake) … It’s a trend! Bill has done it. Will Eric be next? Jive Software

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