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Daily Report, Nov 15

Team Collaboration

  • IT as Barrier to Innovation … Eric argues that “In the mid-1990s, the IT department was often a partner or a leader in innovative activities; it provided active support to help the rest of the company accomplish its innovation goals. IT was clearly an innovation enabler. But the relationship between IT and innovation in most organizations has changed for the worse. Instead of being innovation enablers, many IT organizations today are innovation barriers, slowing the pace of innovation performance.” One person quoted in the article calls the IT department the “business-prevention department”. What do you experience at your place? CMP Business Innovation
  • Colligo Contributor 2.0 Beta … Colligo released the first beta of Colligo Contributor 2.0, its offline solution for SharePoint 2007. There’s a video demonstration and analysis available. Colligo is seeking beta testers. Offline SharePoint
  • Telework Consortium … Loudoun County in Virginia has engaged the Telework Consortium to provide turnkey collaborative services and telework implementation solutions. “Loudoun County worked with the Telework Consortium in early 2005 to pilot a video and collaboration tool that could help foster adoption of telework within the County by saving travel particularly for employees in remote locations. The pilot has since been expanded, as has the role of telework, in helping the County to address its continuity of operations plan (COOP), the lack of space for an increasing workforce, and tackle growing traffic problems. With 500+ square miles and 92 inter-dispersed government offices, then and now, county officials needed creative strategies to connect and collaborate.BusinessWire
  • RADVISION in Korea … RADVISION announced that Bizmeka, a division of Korea Telecom, is deploying Click to Meet, its multi-party PC-based video and audio conferencing solution. “The deployment will enable Bizmeka to offer web conferencing services with enhanced multiparty audio and video conferencing capabilities to its enterprise, government, and e-education customers.BusinessWire


  • Recover your Time … Our time is limited, so we need to make the most of it. Patrick writes, “I’d like to encourage you to grow as a person by discipling yourself to commit to a schedule when it comes to not only your work but also your personal development from getting regular exercise, daily prayer and learning new skills.100 Bloggers
  • … and do it in Small Increments … Because “slow and consistent” steps are better than “fast and short lived”. “You can change ANYTHING if you’re willing to work at it with a little patience. Take it slowly, figure out small steps, and put your changes into effect one step at a time. And most importantly, do NOT get frustrated with yourself if the changes take time. Of COURSE big changes take time. We’re creatures of habit after all.100 Bloggers
  • Work Less, Accomplish More … A very nice critique of the “value = time spent” vs. “value = value delivered” issue at the heart of employment. “When you concentrate on the amount of time you work and make that your metric, you are likely to be much less efficient. The reason we do this is because most of us still think in terms of putting in an 8 hour day of work. If we would think in terms of accomplishing certain activities, we’d find that many of the tasks that traditionally take a full day could actually be completed in much less time.” The key: stop setting goals in terms of time and rather set them in terms of accomplishment. Productive Strategies
  • Don’t Get a “Job” … Steve outlines ten reasons not to take a “job”. He strongly recommends that people build their own businesses. Steve Pavlina

Other Cool Stuff

  • Apple iPod in Airplanes … Apple inked a deal with six airlines for integration of iPod devices with inflight entertainment systems. “These six airlines will begin offering their passengers iPod seat connections which power and charge their iPods during flight and allow the video content on their iPods to be viewed on the their seat back displays.” How cool is that! Apple

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