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Daily Report, Nov 16

Team Collaboration

  • PlanHQ … PlanHQ, a lightweight collaborative business planning tool, came out of stealth mode. “We’ve been involved in a lot of startups and growing businesses, all of which have had one thing in common: A business plan that was written by one person, became immediately out of date, and was left to rot in the bottom drawer. We have created PlanHQ because it is what we need: a collaborative, living, business planning tool.” They are accepted beta requests. My friend Rod is one of the angel investors. PlanHQ and Rod Drury
  • Offline Messages in G-Talk … Google added offline messaging abilities to its suite of communication tools. And they did it right, IMHO, treating the delivery channel as a fluid option for messages (sorry that’s cryptic). “ … this enables you to send messages to Google Talk friends who are offline. The messages will be delivered to your friends the next time they sign in with Google Talk or a third-party client. And when they sign in to Gmail, offline messages will be displayed as unread messages in their inbox. In Gmail, offline messages can be searched and organized — just like instant messages in your chat history.GoogleTalk
  • Quest Migration Tool toward SharePoint … Quest Software introduced Version 1.0 of Quest Public Folder Migrator for SharePoint, helping businesses to migrate Exchange Public Folders across to SharePoint. “Public Folder Migrator for SharePoint eliminates old information by synchronizing the public folders to SharePoint. There is also a need for the transition to the new environment to be seamless for the end user, and Quest continues to deliver ZeroIMPACT migrations by ensuring that end users are automatically and transparently redirected to SharePoint.” This is the next product in Quest’s growing arsenal of SharePoint-related items. Available immediately, starting at US$15 per user. BusinessWire
  • Thinkature … Thinkature is a browser-based for collaborative drawing, writing and planning. Good for joint brainstorming by the look of things. Users can create cards (boxes) with text inside, and link them via arrow; add images; draw diagrams. There’s also chat inside each workspace. Available immediately, at no charge. Thinkature
  • HyperOffice Publisher … HyperOffice added HyperOffice Publisher to its suite of online collaboration tools. It enables users to design, build and customize dynamic and static web pages that can embed collaborative features from other HyperOffice tools. It also added support for some mobile devices. CollaborationLoop


  • Power Users Driving Mobile Email … Dan argues that power users, rather than early adopters, are driving the adoption of mobile email in the enterprise. “… the power user is two things at once. He is a product development resource for the carriers and device manufacturers, and at the same time, he’s also a continuing source of education and information for IT management. And all of this is fueled by the growing number of powerful and affordable mobile devices.MEA Weblog


  • Audio from Jason … Jason Womack recorded an audio session entitled “Systems to Manage Your Time and Workflow”. “Time management is a struggle for just about everyone in today’s fast-paced world. On average, we receive at least 250 inputs a day, including emails, voice mails, and visits from co-workers and clients. Of course that figure doesn’t include the thousands of ideas that go through our minds each day. How can we manage all of these details?” It’s available via (the last two questions on the form are bad, however).
  • Project Verbs vs. Next-Action Verbs … Merlin reproduces a list of action-oriented verbs to use in describing projects and next actions. 43folders
  • Workplace Teams … A primer on workplace teams. Groups aren’t teams because: (a) they lack focus, (b) there’s confusion between team building and team development, (c) there’s too much attention on the team, (d) there’s a lack of priority setting, (e) they have poor processes, (f) they misuse email and (g) there’s a victim mentality. The author gives some suggestions for creating high-performance teams: (1) run meetings well, (2) agree on ground rules, (3) focus on the big picture (desired outcome), (4) set priorities and review regularly, (5) celebrate and laugh, and (6) learn to improve.ConnectIT

Other Cool Stuff

  • mpTees … Print Wear Wholesalers introduced the mpTee, a long-sleeve or short-sleeve t-shirt that includes (a) a special pocket for an iPod, and (b) an internal conduit for the headphone cable. Currently only wholesale orders of 120 or more t-shirts are being accepted; individual items should go on sale before year end. Comment: Awesome! This would be perfect for carrying a David Allen NoteTalker Wallet as an alternative. Perhaps we should suggest a GTD Connect print run of these items! Playlist, and mpTees
  • Blue Screen of Death Screensaver … Microsoft released a screensaver that simulates a blue screen of death. Of course, Eric doesn’t need this; he gets the real thing just as frequently! 😉 Microsoft, CNET News
  • ThinkPad X60 Tablet … Lenovo released a new ThinkPad X60 Tablet. It’s light and has a battery life of 7.5 hours. Marc likes the look of it. eWeek has details.

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