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Daily Report, Nov 8

Team Collaboration

  • Hurray! TimeBridge Launched! … TimeBridge has finally launched its cross-organizational free-busy calendaring service. Yori did the public launch at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco today … “TimeBridge has built a Personal Scheduling Manager that works across companies, time zones and calendaring systems. It is a “full service” service, in the sense that it provides help throughout the life cycle of setting up the meeting, lunch or other activity, including collaboration, distributing meeting materials and handling changes. It works for 1:1s as well as larger group meetings.” I first got the inside track on TimeBridge at CTC 2005, so I’m really delighted that the team is ready to go. TimeBridge is accepting applicants for its private beta. TimeBridge Blog, plus the official Press Release (PDF). There’s also a review at PC Magazine, and some thoughts at The 360. Richard asks “it is enough to lure Outlook users to try it?
  • ClearContext IMS Pro v3.0 … ClearContext released Version 3.0 of IMS Pro (Information Management System Pro), an add-in for Outlook for the better management of email, tasks and appointments.”IMS Pro automatically analyzes email and highlights, prioritizes and groups the most important new messages in your inbox, as well as screens unwanted messages out of the inbox. IMS Pro allows users to “unsubscribe” from unwanted conversations that often occur as a result of group emails or distribution lists, preventing responses from cluttering the inbox.” Version 3.0 adds support for Outlook 2007, and permits sharing of items via Exchange and SharePoint. 30 day free trial available. Available immediately. PRWeb, with coverage by Marc
  • WorkZone 5.0 … Trichys released Version 5.0 of WorkZone, its collaboration extranet and intranet platform, with new project management capabilities including project tracking, a group project calendar, and approvals workflow. Available immediately. PRWeb
  • NextPage Interview … Interview between Darren Lee (CEO of NextPage) and John Furrier (Founder of PodTech). Highlights: (a) NextPage as decentralized document management (vs. the dominant centralized approach), (b) it’s all about solving document chaos, and (c) NextPage is applicable in any group/situation that’s document intensive. ACME Dot Info
  • MindTouch to JotSpot Users … MindTouch joins Socialtext and Atlassian in offering a migration package for JotSpot wiki users who may be annoyed at Google’s acquisition of Jot. MindTouch is offering seamless data migration to its DekiBox appliance, plus a 50% discount. BusinessWire
  • Scalix Moves into Japan … Scalix expanded into the Japanese market, with the creation of Scalix Japan. It plans to localize its messaging and calendaring tools for the Japanese market. BusinessWire
  • Foldera Demonstrates Progress at Web 2.0 … Foldera gave the first public demonstration of its latest milestone release at the Web 2.0 conference. BusinessWire. Steve saw it and said “it’s really well done“.
  • Six Technical Barriers to Office 2.0 … Ramana lists the seven technical barriers that are slowing the speed of Office 2.0 adoption: (1) offline usage, (2) single sign-on, (3) data ownership and privacy, (4) data synchronization, (5) ease of migration, and (6) fragility of aggregated services. He’s looking for input on a seventh. Ramana Rao
  • It’s all about Collaboration … “So, where don’t Word and Excel compete well today? The very place that online tools shine: collaboration. Microsoft would like you to believe that that’s why your enterprise needs SharePoint, but that’s just another form of lock in and ignores that fact that corporate boundaries matter less and less as time goes on. Exchange suffers from the same problem. These tools are built for the enterprise world that existed 10 years ago.Phil Windley
  • Userplane Presence … Userplane released Userplane Presence, a private-label notification and instant messaging tool. Enables users to see the presence of friends and colleagues even when others are not logged into specific online community sites. “Userplane Presence can be deployed as a Web application, a desktop application, or both. Site owners can customize Userplane Presence with their own branding, messaging styles, navigation menus, and settings.” Available immediately. BusinessWire, with coverage at CollaborationLoop


  • NTP vs. Palm … NTP filed a wireless email patent infringement suit against Palm. “In a suit filed in a federal court in Virginia against Palm, NTP claims that Palm’s Treo devices as well as older gadgets in the Palm product portfolio, including the Palm Tungsten, and the long-retired Palm VII and Palm i700 series of wireless handhelds, infringe on seven patents. Five of those patents are the very same that NTP argued RIMM had violated.” NTP’s patent infringement suit against RIM saw it achieve a $612.5 million payout. BusinessWeek, Linux Insider
  • Smartphones Increasing in Popularity … A recent In-Stat report finds that road warriors are shifting from standard cell phones, email devices and PDAs to multi-purpose smartphones. ComputerWorld
  • Kerio MailServer 6.3 … Kerio released Version 6.3 of MailServer, its email server for the SMB market. Major new features include push-based email for Windows Mobile devices, remote wiping of devices, and over-the-air synchronization. Available immediately. MarketWire


  • Speak Plainly / Say What You Mean … If you agree, say so. If not, say so. But don’t give others non-committal answers. They have to move on too. Genuine Curiosity

Knowledge Management

  • Recommind MindServer Expertise … Recommind released MindServer Expertise, an add-on application for its MindServer 4.2 platform. “MindServer Expertise is a comprehensive directory search tool that combines standard directory content with individual work product, providing real-time access to the tacit knowledge of an organization. The application gives consulting and professional services organizations the ability to quickly identify individuals within the firm who have unique expertise or specialized knowledge, so that they can immediately find and collaborate with those individuals on project work, present the full value of the firm’s knowledge in new business pitches, and match the best resources to client engagements.Recommind
  • Notes on David Weinberger’s Keynote at KMWorld & Intranets 2006 … Nicole does an amazing job of summarizing David’s keynote at the recent KMWorld & Intranets conference. Key takeaways: (a) knowledge is contextual to our interests, needs and viewpoint, (b) knowledge is no longer constrained by physical attributes, and (c) knowledge isn’t simple, it isn’t about experts, it’s not about knowledge, but it is about externalizing meaning.

Other Cool Stuff

  • New MacBook Pro is “cool” … Ken takes the new Core 2 Duo Apple MacBook Pro for a spin and finds it fast (“the uptick in speed is noticeable”) and cool (as in “non-hot”). Mmm, sounds … tempting. ComputerWorld
  • HP Releases 30″ Monitor … and with a 1000:1 contrast ratio compared to 700:1 for both the Dell 30″ and Apple 30″. Sweet price point too. Interesting. CrunchGear
  • Scott Goes Mac … Scott (a Windows expert) has shifted to the Mac in parallel to his Windows usage. “There is pent-up demand for a change, for a real alternative, especially among more experienced computer users.ComputerWorld. Hey Eric, are you listening? 😉

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