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Daily Report, Nov 14

Team Collaboration

  • TeamDirection Project 2007 … TeamDirection updated its TeamDirection Project offering, which offers integration with Groove v3.0 and earlier, and now Groove 2007 and SharePoint 2003 and 2007. “We believe our value add is for project managers to use TeamDirection to publish task from MS Project (or MindJet’s MindManager) to SharePoint or Groove for teams to update their tasks. This means SharePoint users need not install any software; they just need a workable browser– even Safari in the case of Macs. The project manager can interactively update SharePoint and Groove data, or update MS Project and MindManager data, depending on what they’d like to synchronize.” Awesome. TeamDirection, see also John’s post on shared task lists (hat tip, John from TeamDirection)
  • Interview with Forrester on Collaboration … Howard interviews Erica from Forrester Research on IT tools for collaboration and productivity. Topics include (a) the information workplace as a concept and a platform, (b) voice-over-IP, (c) role-based workplaces, and (d) developing a collaboration strategy. CMP Business Innovation
  • Groupware Primer … Ebrahim and Richard provide a primer on social and enterprise groupware. It’s a fair overview, although the word “real-time” in the first sentence is out-of-place (as in, it’s not just real-time). Sentences such as “Taking advantage of enterprise groupware technologies for communications, businesses can drastically improve on productivity, efficiency and ultimately profitability” are espoused without empirical evidence, but perhaps that’s okay in this case. Maybe more is coming. Read/Write Web
  • Participation … How do you create an environment where people share their insight and know-how? Mike writes “Technology will never force people to give away the deep tacit insight that they have to their work activities. Organizational programs need to be in place to create an environment where John and Betty feel good about sharing.” He outlines three ideas, and says that all three will probably be needed in parallel. Mike Gotta


  • Missing Sync 3.0 … Mark/Space released Version 3.0 of Missing Sync for Windows Mobile devices connected to a Mac OS X machine. New features: file and folder synchronization, Safari bookmark sync’ing, notes sync’ing with a variety of Mac applications, and more. Available immediately. Mark/Space
  • Dan on Motorola/Good … Dan from the MEA reflects on the implications of the Motorola-Good deal from the perspective of enterprise IT. Key idea: Good Technology offers broad device support including BlackBerry, and that’s good. MEA Weblog


  • What’s Your Unique Value? … Steve proposes that we should be continually asking ourselves, “what value am I uniquely positioned to deliver?” Once we have a clear understanding of that, we need to line up our focus and energy in delivering such. “What’s your unique value? What does the world need that only you can deliver? If you pooh-pooh that and automatically minimize your skills, perspective and intrinsic value…don’t. We’re all here for a reason, inextricably intertwined, and anything you do that’s positive moves us all forward.” The answer for Steve at the moment involves helping people in small-and-medium sized organizations understand the impacts of the ideas of Web 2.0 for the enterprise. Steve Borsch
  • Better Meetings … “Good meetings are good only when they produce actionable results. That only happens when the leader of the meeting or conference call sets an idiot-proof agenda, maintains order and remembers the human factor.” Ideas for improvement: (a) start on time without the small talk, (b) keep the focus on issues that are important to the project, (c) break up long meetings, (d) be relentless about ensuring accountability for next actions, and (e) let people chit-chat for a few minutes afterwards to unwind. Dumb Little Man

Other Cool Stuff

  • Don’t Innovate Everywhere … Nick Carr describes his views on innovation in business, why too much of it is a bad thing, and how business leaders need to carefully choose where to focus their innovation efforts and then get out of the way of their creative teams and people. StartUp Journal
  • Forget ‘Consultative Selling’ … It’s a waste of time, at least according to the arguments put forward by Robin. “Look at it this way: if you had a bad heart and went to the top heart doctor in the world, would you want to negotiate his recommendations? Of course not! Would you expect to get a cold call from his office where they had an open appointment calendar to fit you in? Never! You would expect his schedule to be 100% booked. You would take whatever appointment date and time they would offer and re-arrange your schedule to meet with him. When you finally got to the consultation, you would expect him to tell you exactly what needed to be done and you would take his advice without question. You would NOT want to walk into his office and have him asking YOU what you want, because it would instantly cause you to doubt his qualifications. He certainly wouldn’t send you a proposal, and you would not expect him to do his initial evaluation for free. You would want someone who would confidently tell you what needs to be done. This is exactly why ‘consultative’ selling is a bad approach.ConnectIT News

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